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Princess Jellyfish – The Sound of a Million Squees

Princess Jellyfish 47

Team Inari got their third X when they guessed “A Bath”.

This is one of those events you don’t expect, but always silently hope for. The relationship between Tsukimi and Shuu has always been one of those awkward ones, although it’s hard to say how close they actually want to be. Both of them have far too many boundaries for their getting together to be in any way simple. Keep in mind that Shuu has been mostly single his whole life, and changing that kind of closed off mindset can’t be easy. This hasn’t stopped Hanamori from deciding for himself that the two of them should start going out, which would feel very intrusive if it wasn’t so amazing to hear. In spite of all their problems with closeness, I think getting to go out should be good for the two of them. Read the rest of this entry

Catching Up on Things – Seven Posts in One

So my exams for this year have finally ended, and now I’m free from all that stuff for another few months. Now all I have to worry about is my GPA and work and my website and countless other things. I suppose this is what being an adult means. Well at least I can be an adult and still enjoy manga the way I do. Since I’ve had difficulty talking about the most recent manga chapters lately, I thought I would make a post briefly discussing the things I might have blogged about had I not been busy. These won’t be as long as my normal posts, but I thought I should do a little catching up regardless.

One Piece – Caesar Clown’s Playhouse

His favourite song is Jumpin' Jack Flash, in case you were wondering.

Enemies in One Piece tend to fall all over the morality scale, from honorable soldiers like Smoker to professional killers like Rob Lucci to complete sadists like Moria. What I found interesting about Caesar Clown (aside from the name, of course) is that he’s managed to convince people he’s much more honorable and less insane than he really is. Listening to Brownbeard talk about him, you would almost think he was a decent guy with a passionate love for science. Of course one look at him shows that he’s every bit as insane and sadistic as the term “passionate love for science” would imply. This series used to tiptoe around the use of drugs and WMDs, which makes Clown’s behaviour feel all the more extreme and cruel. I honestly think all of Luffy’s training will have been worth it just so we can see him punch this guy in the face properly. Read the rest of this entry

Current Manga Rankings – 2011 – Part 2

15. Rosario + Vampire II

What a long, awkward trip it’s been. I remember back when I started this manga and it was just another boring harem series with various random monsters to fight. Since then it’s grown up into a surprisingly well done series about the relationships the previous series began, and it manages to provide a good amount of depth to what were previously uninteresting characters. It even manages to make the action more interesting, since it’s no longer just Inner Moka stomping on everyone. I’ve actually started looking forward to the newest chapters, which I would never have expected at first. Read the rest of this entry

Princess Jellyfish – Chapter 40


If this were a shonen, this would be where she runs over and punches Inari in the face!

(Note: I started writing this before Chapter 41 came out, so in the off chance that something contradicts with that chapter, blame someone who isn’t me.)

I admit that I’ve always found Kuranosuke’s methods to be questionable. I assume most people have, since that seems to be the role he was cast as: the naive pretty boy who thinks he’s the wise old mentor. Most of his ideas are based around clever observations with little thought to practical application, such as dressing up the Sisterhood to make others take them seriously, while neglecting to address their fear of public speech. So his plan to set up a fashion show at the Nunnery seemed smart, but had rather obvious faults. Particularly when it came to the well-being of everyone except for him. I was questioning the sort of bad publicity he was creating for his family in the last few chapters, but somehow it never occurred to me how these events were affecting the other otaku until now. Read the rest of this entry