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Five Point Podcast – Black Jack (2004)

The new video I did with the guys over at the Five Point Podcast. It was fun chatting with them, especially since we seemed to have similar experiences with the show. I don’t really dislike the character of Black Jack, but with only three episodes to work off of we just went with what we knew.

Toriko – Review

As I’ve read more and more series from Weekly Shonen Jump, I’ve come to realize how they can make amazing series out of the most ridiculous premises imaginable. Just among their well known manga, we have the story of the rubber pirate who wants to rule the ocean, the intense mystery case of the magic killer notebook, and the gun-crazy extortionist who dreams of making the world’s greatest football team. After a while, nothing they came out with could surprise me, which is why I’m glad I first heard of Toriko so long ago.

Food is the most important thing in this world by far. It’s what 90% of the world’s economy revolves around, if not more. One of the most highly respected jobs in this world is that of the Bishokuya, or “food hunters” who gather the special ingredients that are too tough to be obtained through normal means. Our protagonist is one of these people. Armed with only his intense love for delicious food – and the hundreds of millions of yen he’ll make – Toriko and his new chef Komatsu go out in search of rarer and rarer ingredients. With luck, they’ll be able to get their hands on them before the criminal organization the Bishokukai can use them to manipulate the hungry citizens of the world. Read the rest of this entry

Bleach – Sun Tzu For Dummies

Bleach 497

…a little LATE!

I’m no expert on tactical warfare, but apparently neither is the Gotei 13. Looking at things from their point of view, they know that the enemy has some ability to suppress Bankai, but no knowledge of how it works. The specifics of how the enemy fights are unknown aside from the information gathered on Quincies by Mayuri. He is trying to formulate a strategy of his own, but it would take time. Considering all this, why the hell are the captains in such a hurry to power up? I can understand Hitsugaya, cause this is what he always does, but why does Byakuya pull it out so soon when we know that he can fight in other ways ? Why does Soi Fon use hers when it’s supposed to be her last resort? Actually, why does she pull out her bankai in full view of the enemy? She’s supposed to specialize in stealth, and I’m curious if the Sternritter can take your bankai if they can’t see it until it’s halfway down their throat. Read the rest of this entry

One Piece – Behind The Black

One Piece 671

This better not turn out to be part of Xehanort again.

I’m just gonna get right to the point this time: who is this mysterious fellow introduced on the last page of this chapter? I’ve seen characters hidden in the shadows like this before, so there are a few things we can guess from this. The first is that this is obviously someone we know from before, or else there would be no point in hiding their face. We can also assume that this character has a clearly defined position higher than Law, or else someone as composed as him would never have been this shocked. Considering Law’s current position as a Shichibukai and the high power level he’s shown off so far, we can rule out anyone except those few people. Initially, I also thought that keeping the face of the man hidden meant that he was someone we’ve seen the appearance of before. However, the two most likely characters are those we haven’t met face-to-face, so that doesn’t hold up as well. Read the rest of this entry

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – So Passes Junazard, Master of Pencat Silak

Kenichi 476

You can tell it’s serious because they would never have cropped out Miu’s ass if it wasn’t.

JunazadJenazad…how do you spell it? Eh, I’ll just go with that for now.

Ever since this fight began, I was being reminded more and more of something I saw in another series. I played the GBA port of Final Fantasy V a while back, and the scene that most people remember is how one character died. He was holding back an enemy nobody else could hurt, taking attacks that should have left him with 0 health. He was still able to power through all of that and only died when the enemy was driven off. That felt a lot like the situation Hongo Akira was in for the last few chapters. The impression you get from Junazard is that he’s miles ahead of anyone else present in terms of physical power, and it was getting difficult to see Hongo winning. He still managed to recover from each ridiculous attack he was hit with, but that only made the FFV comparison stronger. Read the rest of this entry