Bleach – Sun Tzu For Dummies

Bleach 497

…a little LATE!

I’m no expert on tactical warfare, but apparently neither is the Gotei 13. Looking at things from their point of view, they know that the enemy has some ability to suppress Bankai, but no knowledge of how it works. The specifics of how the enemy fights are unknown aside from the information gathered on Quincies by Mayuri. He is trying to formulate a strategy of his own, but it would take time. Considering all this, why the hell are the captains in such a hurry to power up? I can understand Hitsugaya, cause this is what he always does, but why does Byakuya pull it out so soon when we know that he can fight in other ways ? Why does Soi Fon use hers when it’s supposed to be her last resort? Actually, why does she pull out her bankai in full view of the enemy? She’s supposed to specialize in stealth, and I’m curious if the Sternritter can take your bankai if they can’t see it until it’s halfway down their throat.

Perhaps it’s wrong of me to look at a chapter of Bleach from such an analytical perspective, or any perspective that requires thinking about stuff. It’s just hard not to when we get characters putting together plans with such giant holes in them. I can’t say for sure if the points listed actually makes sense in canon, but it’s the kind of writing that is so bad you have a great deal of fun picking it apart. This feels much better than the bland stretches of single fights the series can have sometimes, though I can’t say for sure if other fans feel the same way.

With the captains and lieutenants gathered together, I feel like I have a better understanding of how the Sternritter are going to be fought. Part of the point of taking away the Bankai of those four captains appears to be so that their lieutenants can play a role in the fights, which is what many of them have been lacking recently. Of course I don’t understand the purpose of giving the second in command of Soi Fon the chance to fight, since I don’t think anyone remembers or cares about him. I could see the Sternritter being able to take only one Bankai per person, which has a few other problems but it means we can actually see some of the Bankai we didn’t before. A theme of this arc appears to be giving the spotlight to characters who never got it before, so that could be Kubo’s way of allowing them to act. It’s still clunky, but I’m the sort of person who likes understanding things, whatever the logic.

I will admit there are a few characters I would like to see actually fight in this arc. Retsu Unohana is key among them because she is supposed to be someone utterly terrifying and it would be fun to see her in action. I’m also curious if that little girl who hangs around Kenpachi will get to do anything. Whatever your thoughts on these villains, watching a small child go Yoda on them is too glorious an opportunity to miss. It will take some time before we actually get to these fights, because I think the war is still in “Let’s beat up tough characters to show how tougher we are” mode. Bleach, this is your chance to make me give a crap, so don’t waste it.

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  1. Damn the Gotei 13 are getting their asses kicked! And it makes me laugh, but I have no idea why because don’t they get beaten all the time anyway? Hell the bounts, arracars and now the Quincy are owning them! I found it so funny that they of course have to call Ichigo to save them…who saw that coming? Ah well he is the HERO of the Bleach world…for once I would love to see someone else step up, but his bankai is special so I guess Ichigo would come around eventually right?

    AGREED! I want to see how characters like Unohana do in an actual fight! I saw the fake captain arc and she did “fight” but that wasn’t anything amazing to watch, but I want to see who else they plan on killing off! Also they have Kenpachi who doesn’t even have a bankai and he kicks all kinds of ass so maybe this arc will let him show off like always ❤

    • You would think a military-based society like this would be able to handle at least one or two invaders. Maybe they should look into whatever training methods Ichigo or the Vandenreich are using.

      Every arc is a new chance for Kenpachi to show off (except the Fullbring arc). I suspect there’s a reason he hasn’t gotten into a fight yet, though that could just be because they don’t want him to look as bad as everyone else.

  2. Bleach in particular, had always been using weird and awkward logic as an excuse for more fighting. Most of shounen in general possess similar issues but Bleach is pretty bad in this regard. After all, if the fight ended too soon, it’s *not* a fight anymore right?

    • And the definition for “fight” in this series is a little stretched, since technically the whole war counts as one fight. So we have fights nested in a fight, and there will likely be a fight or two nested in those if Kubo can manage it.

  3. I have not read the last few chapters of Bleach so I’m not entirely sure what’s really going on right now except that there’s a Bankai thief lurking some where. However, I’ve watched and read many Bleach so-called wars to know that Gotei 13’s strength has never been their strategy. They simply do whatever they must in a given moment in order to combat an attack without properly laying out strategies and plans. And then at the end, they leave it Ichigo to clean up their mess, really.

    • That’s a pretty good summary of this chapter, really. I don’t go too into it, but it does end with someone calling for Ichigo because he is apparently the only one who can help now. Even people like us can tell how cliche things have gotten.

  4. One of the reasons I like One Piece is that each arc really is separate, on separate islands, even, and they hardly ever interact. This is a great way to introduce new fights/characters/abilities/whatever without running into weird things like this.

    Perhaps the captains were just suffering from adrenaline rushes that took away their rationality? But that doesn’t make sense, since this is a military society and they’ve been doing this for hundreds of years…

    Wait, why is Soul Society military-based anyways? Doesn’t give me much peace to know we’ll all be constantly fighting even after death…

    • I think it was military based because they’re supposed to be fighting hollows, even if we so rarely see that. All of this could have to do with not having anything to fight in large numbers for so long, but considering what happened with Aizen not long ago, they should have considered better defensive strategies just in case.

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