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History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – So Passes Junazard, Master of Pencat Silak

Kenichi 476

You can tell it’s serious because they would never have cropped out Miu’s ass if it wasn’t.

JunazadJenazad…how do you spell it? Eh, I’ll just go with that for now.

Ever since this fight began, I was being reminded more and more of something I saw in another series. I played the GBA port of Final Fantasy V a while back, and the scene that most people remember is how one character died. He was holding back an enemy nobody else could hurt, taking attacks that should have left him with 0 health. He was still able to power through all of that and only died when the enemy was driven off. That felt a lot like the situation Hongo Akira was in for the last few chapters. The impression you get from Junazard is that he’s miles ahead of anyone else present in terms of physical power, and it was getting difficult to see Hongo winning. He still managed to recover from each ridiculous attack he was hit with, but that only made the FFV comparison stronger. Read the rest of this entry