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Five Point Podcast – Black Jack (2004)

The new video I did with the guys over at the Five Point Podcast. It was fun chatting with them, especially since we seemed to have similar experiences with the show. I don’t really dislike the character of Black Jack, but with only three episodes to work off of we just went with what we knew.

Invasion! Squid Girl – Review

I keep referring to the series as Squid Girl and the character as Ika Musume. Is that weird?

I’m a little more nervous about this video than usual, both because it’s my first review made with Audacity and because I’m discussing a gag series. It’s difficult to come up with much to say about something like this, but I think I manage it fairly well all things considered. I really liked how well some of the pictures fit together in particular.

Five Point Podcast – Casshern Sins (featuring Yerocha)

A little crossover I did with the guys at Five Point Podcast. We discuss the beginning of Casshern Sins and see if it holds up to the pedigree I only just learned it had.

The World God Only Knows – Review

The story of the classiest otaku you’ll ever meet.

I ended up getting a new microphone for this review. It sounds similar, although it’s considerably more quiet than before. This mainly affects the beginning, since I wasn’t used to how far away I should be from a standing mic.

As mentioned previously, I’ll be away from home for the next few days for personal reasons. Luckily, I’ll be bringing my laptop with me to the place I’m going, but I can’t currently say how much access to it I’ll have.

Chobits – Review

This means I’ve reviewed 2 shonen, 2 shojo and 2 seinen. That was totally not intentional.

That took too long! Between school and vacation, I couldn’t find a good time to actually work on this until recently. Hopefully I can release the next one in a much more timely fashion.