The World God Only Knows – Review

The story of the classiest otaku you’ll ever meet.

I ended up getting a new microphone for this review. It sounds similar, although it’s considerably more quiet than before. This mainly affects the beginning, since I wasn’t used to how far away I should be from a standing mic.

As mentioned previously, I’ll be away from home for the next few days for personal reasons. Luckily, I’ll be bringing my laptop with me to the place I’m going, but I can’t currently say how much access to it I’ll have.

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  1. Nice review. Your mic sounds alright. If i have one complaint, the last line was kinda cut off before you started again, and i think it would’ve sounded more natural if it was one big line.

    TWGOK’s Drinking game… strange, you didn’t take me for the type that loathes his audience.

    Also, what was with the little images you would flash to when you said so. if that was a joke from the manga, then it just flew right over my head.

    Overall, i think you were spot on with this review. and i can’t wait for Fairy Tail. Also, i’m glad someone less emotional is handling that review, cause i don’t think anyone else could get past the bullshit time skip.

    • I think I know which line you’re talking about. I actually separated it a bit, since before there wasn’t enough of a gap and it sounded like one run-on sentence.

      Those images are from the anime. The characters are actually saying “So!” when they appear.

      I agree, it’s probably for the best that someone like me does that. Plus my reviews tend to not focus on specific events that far into the series.

  2. Lol, now that’s not a scary demon at all.

    TBH, I brushed off this series because I’m not into dating-sims and feel like I probably wouldn’t understand most of the things that is going on, but now that I’ve watched your review and had a glimpse into what the story might actually be like, I’m having second thoughts.

    • I’d say it’s definitely worth a look. Before reading, I think I only played a dating sim once, for about an hour. Most people who watch anime know the standard conventions of dating sims, which is all I think is really necessary.

  3. Nice review 😀
    I REALLY wonder how this series will end

    • Thanks a lot.

      I have no idea either, but I assume there will be some manner of “final boss”. No idea who, but it seems like something the series would do.

  4. Good review. I’ve yet to read the manga or watch the 2nd season. I only watched the first season. The main character is definitely interesting. I’d say it’s one of unique characters I’ve ever seen in an anime. After hearing what you have to say, I might consider putting the 2nd season on my watch list.

    Oh, and the manga is not over yet?

    • The manga has been going on for some time now, and they’re in the middle of one of the longer arcs. I’m not sure how long it’s gonna go on for, but it feels like it could be a while.

  5. It surprised me to hear that this series is like SIms. I always thought that it has a pretty serious plot with a very decent male protagonist just like Tomoya in Clannad.

  6. Nice review! Ever since the manga has started focusing on the main plot with Vintage, the series has really picked up to become one of my favorites. Keima and everyone involved with the goddesses are really getting their characters developed quite nicely, and it really makes you wonder how the series will come to an end. I hate having to wait for the new chapter every week!

    • I know what you mean. These last few chapters especially have been really eventful and well done. I don’t know how it will end, but I do know I’ll be there with it when it does.

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