Kimi ni Todoke – Chapter 62


I wish I could make this funny. I really do.

I think I can understand where Chizuru is coming from. The more I read about her and her history with Ryuu, the more complicated it seems to get, but somewhere in that complexity they became much easier to relate to. At the start, they were part of a much simpler triangle relationship, and you might have expected that to be where their development was focused, but that wasn’t the case. What really matters with they two of them – and what makes them so understandable – is their long friendship. Most of us have people like Ryu, who have been there for us as long as we can remember and who we’d never want to let go of, but who we would never think of in a romantic light. There’s something that can be very alien about thinking of romantic love where it should never be.

This chapter starts off a longer flashback, which I’m a little surprised hasn’t happened yet in this series. We’re learning more about the relationship between Chizu and Ryuu, and it’s implied that Ryuu’s mother is going to play an important, probably very sad role very soon. The main effect the flashback has right now, though, is that we get to see for ourselves how long the two of them have been friends. As little kids, they really aren’t that different from they way the act now, except they’re slightly more immature and Ryuu seems a bit more talkative. It helps emphasize the important fact that their relationship is not something that can be easily changed, because it never has before.

I’ve heard quite a few conflicting opinions regarding whether or not these two will ever get together. They aren’t like Sawako and Kazehaya, who were in love with each other for a long time, or like Ayane and Kento, who claim to understand one another. You could even say that the feelings Chizu has for Ryuu are even deeper than the love Sawako feels, but it isn’t that kind of love. I would certainly like to see them get together, but I’m aware that it isn’t a simple thing to wish for.

But if what Chizuru says is true, and she and Ryuu can never go back to the way they were before, then wouldn’t it be a lot better for them to start dating? The only alternative I can think of is the two of them drifting further and further apart, which isn’t what anyone would want for them. Their relationship wouldn’t have to be the same as the kind Ayane gets into, at any rate. They already know each other’s families, and there aren’t a whole lot of secrets between them. It’s also not like they’ve never been close to each other emotionally, as we should all remember from her getting over Tooru. They’re already closer than a lot of real couples, and even if it would take them a long time to be together on a physical level, it’s not as though that would get in the way of a romantic relationship. Right, Sawako?

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  1. I’ve always wanted those two together, but after seeing this flashback I’m afraid is not going to be as straightforward as I hope to be. It is a very unique relationship they both share, not something to change so easily. I’m grateful for this flashback though because it allows me to understand the kind of relationship they both had and why Chizu is so hesitant about progressing it further.

    Perhaps they won’t get together immediately, but maybe somewhere towards the end. When I say end, I meant like really, really end. It’s going to be sad seeing them drifting apart and not being friends anymore. It will be like a huge chunk of their lives gone forever. And I don’t want to see that.

  2. Wait what is this? Is there still more stories of Kimi ni Todoke in the manga?
    I haven’t read it yet. I just watch the anime.

  3. After reading Chapter 63, I wonder what will happen now regarding the relationship between Chizu x Ryu. It seems like the next step is about to begin, since Ryu is trying to make Chizu understand.

  4. I remembered reading this while I was still finishing S2. I thought, they would at least show or define Ryuu and Chizu’s status. Especially when I read that ‘the feelings Chizu has for Ryuu are even deeper than the love Sawako feels, but it isn’t that kind of love.’ I was expecting that Ryuu would at least step after his brother’s marriage but he remained static in anime. In the end, I felt like Chizu’s love for Ryuu would forever remain as bromance although kind of deeper than that.

    • Heh, I like the term “bromance” to describe those two.

      These last chapters have shown that their relationship is a lot more complicated than it looked at first. Ryuu was never the most forward guy, so it’s not all that surprising that it took him so long to say anything.

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