Invasion! Squid Girl – Review

I keep referring to the series as Squid Girl and the character as Ika Musume. Is that weird?

I’m a little more nervous about this video than usual, both because it’s my first review made with Audacity and because I’m discussing a gag series. It’s difficult to come up with much to say about something like this, but I think I manage it fairly well all things considered. I really liked how well some of the pictures fit together in particular.

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  1. Oh god, this series really made me suffer. Sometimes it was hilarious, sometimes boring as hell…:(

    • I can understand, since I’m not sure why they picked some of those chapters to animate. Two of my least favourites were the day planner and travel bag skits, and they combined them into one! It’s probably better that in the manga, each chapter is only eight pages, so it’s rare for them to drag on.

  2. I loved the anime, though I haven’t given the manga a shot yet. I definitely agree that it’s rather uneven.

  3. Ika Musame is a very strange anime and looking back on it now I can safely say it was better than this seasons equivalent which was Kill me Baby.

    I kind of miss Ika a bit but then I remember Sanae and i’m glad to see her gone. She really did pale in comparison the the rest of he cast.

    • Ika definitely was the better of the two shows, no contest.

      They really overused Sanae, which is a big part of why she felt annoying. There were much better characters who could have used that screentime.

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