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Current Manga Rankings – 2011 – Part 1

I started reading manga a few years ago, and in that length of time I’ve acquired a surprising number of ongoing series. They have quite a bit of variety to them, from shonen to josei, weekly to whenever-the-hell-it-feels-like. I’ve had the chance to talk about quite a few of these series, and even reviewed some of them already. Since it’s the end of the year, though, I thought I would take the opportunity to rank all of my ongoing manga. This way I can discuss some series I couldn’t before, and I can state which manga I like the most and why.

30. Bleach

Here’s the thing about Bleach: it’s the one series on this list that I never read the old chapters for. It’s not something I would do by choice, but then again, I never really intended to start reading Bleach at all. One day I heard that the manga would be showing Gin’s bankai, so I read that chapter to see it and just didn’t stop. That’s a big part of why I find it so hard to get mad at this series. It takes a good deal of effort to feel anything towards it, really. I’ve been told that not caring about something is one of the cruelest things you can do to it, and that’s why it gets the lowest spot on this list. Read the rest of this entry

D.Gray-man – Chapter 207


I know this isn't what I should be thinking right now...but did Miranda's breasts get larger?

I know the post for this chapter is about a week late, but I’ve always had difficulty discussing this series. See, it’s much harder staying attached to a monthly series than a weekly one. Rather than waiting patiently for the new chapters, I often find myself forgetting that I read the series until the new chapter comes out. However, with manga like Claymore or Soul Eater, it’s easy enough to get back into the story when it does get released, but not with D.Gray-man. I think the biggest reason for my difficulty is that over time, this series has started to feel rather aimless. Read the rest of this entry