Review Requests

I’ve been wanting to put out more manga reviews, but there are so many different series out there that I’m having trouble deciding what should take priority. At present, there are at least ten different series I WANT to start, and there are still others I’ve been hearing about and getting interested in. So I thought I should get some insight from everyone else on what they’d most like to see reviewed.

The stuff I’d like to discuss the most are series that feel different from almost everything else. The kind of manga that feels above the usual genre conventions in some way. I’ll also review quite a few works that received anime adaptations, so if the ending to something left you confused, I can look into that sort of series.

There are also, of course, quite a few things I won’t review for various reasons. I thought it would be best to categorize those accordingly:

  • Any direct adaptation of an anime or video game (not including spinoffs)
  • Anything more than 400 chapters (I may still do One Piece someday, but not from requests)
  • Any ongoing manga less than 20 chapters
  • One-shots
  • Anything too gory or oversexualized to show to most audiences (Deadman Wonderland and Kenichi are about as far as I’ll go for each)
  • Anything that is generally considered terrible
  • Black Bird, Hot Gimmick, Absolute Boyfriend, or anything in that genre
  • Prince of Tennis (too biased, exposed to too many negative comments)
  • Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force (any review would be one long stream of hateful insults)
  • Air Gear (bought two volumes and really wish I hadn’t)
  • Berserk (tried to read it, but was unable to)
  • .hack//Legend of the Twilight (read at too young an age to be able to analyse it properly)

Other than that, I’m interested in most genres, so leave a comment if there’s something you’d like to see discussed.

  1. I would like to suggest “Kaichou wa Maid Sama” I love that manga and the anime as well! The manga is still ongoing though but i love reading about it from reviews ^_^

    • You know, I’ve heard a lot about that series. The premise was a little off-putting, but people did say it was good. Maybe I could use the excuse to start it.

  2. If i could, i would recommend, Genshiken.
    The manga isnt finished but the anime has ended. Updates monthly. Nice little series i greatly reccommend

    • Genshiken sounds interesting. I’m not too sure how I’ll feel about it, but I think I’ll give it a look.

    • I second Hippiefreak’s suggestion. I love the anime and the manga is not bad, albeit still updating. As a fond lover of slice-of-life series I suggest checking out.

      1.) The Aria series: Both Aqua and Aria are done. Compliments the anime quiet nicely if you liked it.

      and maybe….

      2??) Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō: This a mystery title. I never heard of it till now nor seen the OVA’s out for it. It’s run was back in June 1994 – February 2006 for the manga, so if you are feeling brave…

      Other weird series you might want to check (only read a few chapters of btw)

      -OTAKU NO MUSUME-SAN: currently on-going up to chp 63 or so. I read only about the first 5 chps which caught my interest, but does seems nice if you like comedy/senein stories. Some people were saying something about it getting “dark” on mangafox later chps, but I haven’t read up to that point

      More of an anime guy, but these pieces might be worth looking into

      • I actually finished the first season of Aria recently. I’m not sure how the anime and manga compare, but I can look into it.

        You’re actually not the first person to bring up Yokohama. All the more reason to look it up, I suppose.

        No idea what the last one is. I’ll look into it.

  3. Hello Yerocha. I just recently found your videos and i think they’re awesome. If i can, i’d like to make a few requests for reviews =).

    1. Kongoh Bancho: This is the shonen manga that makes Luffy, Naruto, and Ichigo look like they have no balls. The purest definition of a manly manga. Akira Kongou is a real life giant on a quest to stop the 23-district project, a political battle tournament to determine the new rule of Japan. Its a over the top manga that both funny and action packed to the max.

    2. Yakitate! Japan: This is a bread baking battle gag manga… a BREAD BAKING BATTLE GAG manga… need i say more? i guess so. our protaganist, Azuma Kazuma, is on a quest to create Japan’s national bread, in the same light there is french bread and English bread, and along the way, he must compete in tournaments and even save the world using delicious bread to create spectacular reactions within the consumer. Its weird, its shonen, and its awesome… until it jumps the shark 220 chapters in… but i’ll let you find that out for yourself.

    And now if i may suggest a bad manga.

    3. Uzumaki: This manga starts out awesome. Its just a collection of over the top horror stories, that are funnier than scary, but its entertaining and fun to read, so i don’t mind. Its a 19 chapter series, and from chapter 7 onward, its goes downhill to a conclusion that will piss me off til the day i’m rolling in my grave over this.

    Also, if i can say something about Genshiken, I don’t think it should be viewed as a whole series. If you haven’t made it to at least chapter 55 yet, then you might wanna stop reading to avoid a spoiler. Most of the main cast from the first series graduates and the Genshiken club gains a new cast of characters. While its still the same locations for the most part, and comedy and the story changes just enough to feel like your not reading the same story as before. Sort of like a first and second generation. That was just my opinion, but if you do review the series, i’d recommend at least mentioning this change.

    can’t wait to see some cool new videos from you. keep up the great work =).

    • Those first two series sound interesting. I like those over-the-top shonen series, and Yakitate Japan is pretty good from what I’ve heard.

      Sadly, whether it’s good or bad, I probably won’t be reading Uzumaki. I don’t really enjoy horror stories that much, so I doubt I’d be able to give it a proper review even if I DO finish it.

      Wow, a lot of people want me to read Genshiken. I guess I should check it out soon.

  4. Btw, second request
    If you haven’t read Great Teacher Onizuka, then i implore you to read it
    It is perhaps one of the best manga ever created

    Also try out Minami-Ke. Minami-ke is my number 1 slice of life anime and It already has 3 seasons as an anime series, with an upcoming 4th…. The manga is still ongoing with a total of 9 volumes… Its a fun Anime, And its A fun Manga. If you haven’t tried yet. then you are missing alot. ^_^

    have you checked out kaichou wa maid sama yet? its so romantic that it makes you shiver!!!

    • Huh, you’re the first person to call me that.

      I looked up the synopsis of Minami-ke on MyAnimeList, and it literally ended with “This description doesn’t give the manga enough credit, so check it out yourselves.” So I guess I should at least start it now, if only to learn what it’s really about.

      I haven’t read Kaichou yet, but I should. I wouldn’t have thought it would be super romantic, since the premise was kind of odd and suggested a genre I dislike. Of course I said the same thing about Yandere Kanojo (does not contain any yanderes), so I shouldn’t let that stop me.

  6. Dude have you read Love Monster yet? its good its romance! anyways its a good read you should check it out if your into Romantic Manga’s cuz i am into those ^_^

    • I’m sorry, but my first thought when I read that was Love & Monsters from Doctor Who.

      That being said, I really don’t think I’d enjoy this kind of shojo very much. It sounds a lot like the “domineering male lead” shojo I try to avoid. Also, the premise feels like this other shojo I looked at a while back, Monochrome Shonen Shoujo.

  7. I’ve got some manga for you to review if you haven’t read them yet
    Vagabond, Slam Dunk, GTO, and Countrouble

    • The first three I’ve heard a lot of good things about. I’ve been meaning to look at Slam Dunk at some point after finishing Kuroko no Basket, but I’ll definitely see if I can start them eventually.

      Never actually heard of Countrouble before now. I’ll probably wait a bit for that.

  8. Hm.. your reviews sound good and neutral enough as they point out both who would and would not like the series… Great. I’d love to hear some more.

    Hunter X Hunter is a pretty good title in my opinion. It has been serialized for about as long as One Piece. That should have put you off, however, luckily(or more like unlucky) the series has a lot of hiatuses and is in one right now and hasn’t even reached the 350 mark.

    The story is like a darker and less conventional way to tell a shonen battle manga, which the fans of the series love. It switches from a battle tone into a suspenseful wordy tone once in a while, which is another thing that fans like. That is the fans, including me, anyway.

    However, not too many people are fans of this series, for a variety of reasons. That includes sketchy artwork, the author’s lack of hesitance to kill off a character(he kills the them like squishing ants), and overly-wordy fights(the fans love this though), also things like not following the basics of shonen manga plots(another thing the fans like).

    Basically, it is one of my favorites. Though I doubt the possibility of you picking it up, or that you will like it after, I’ll just recommend it as a fan.

    • I’ve actually been watching the recent anime series, and I’ll likely switch over to the manga once I get far enough. It looks interesting so far, though I’ve heard those mixed reactions first-hand so I can’t say whether I’ll enjoy it later.

  9. Hello Yerocha, I have some requests that I truly believe you will enjoy.
    First off, Übel Blatt and Vinland Saga. Both are medieval stories about high skilled warriors trying to get revenge for their comrade’s betrayal and their father’s death respectively, and how they slowly change over time. The former has a fantastic setting, the latter is set during the time of Leif Erikson (Vikings rule, man).

    I can assure you that HunterXHunter is really an outstanding shounen.

    Other than that, I’d like to request a Monster and a Soul Eater review.

    • I’m actually halfway through Monster and Vinland Saga, so I understand why you’d want me to discuss them. Soul Eater I’ll probably get to after some of the other shonen that people have been interested in hearing a review of. And I’ve heard of Ubel Blatt somewhere before, so I’ll definitely have to look into it.

  10. Wholeheartedly suggesting you read “Shingeki no Kyojin”. If Walking Dead is “Zombie Drama” then Shingeki no Kyojin is “Giants Drama”. Set in probably the dark ages, Giants or Titans as they call them, has eaten mankind to almost extinction. Mankind then built 50 meter walls to separate itself from the Titans.

    Anyway it’s brutal, gory (in a Claymore sense) but heavily emotional. It’s been nominated for many awards like the Manga Taisho and it even bagged the Kodansha Award for Best Shonen. Even without an anime (though there’s already one announced this spring;you have got to watch the trailer) it’s selling like hotcakes in Japan, rivaling stuff like Bleach, Naruto, Kimi ni Todoke in terms of sales (9,000,000 copies in circulation for 8 volumes). It’s also worth noting that the author is only in his twenties with this as his debut work so all the more surprising on how well this series is being received.

    • I’ve heard a lot about this series, and I might actually give it a chance when the anime comes out. But I really don’t think this is the kind of work I would enjoy all that much.

  11. Did you ever review Indie Manga? I’d love for you to review Silvertongue 30XX, now at Inkblazers, or here:
    It’s a manga about a Space-Time District Attorney. 🙂 !

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