One Piece – Behind The Black

One Piece 671

This better not turn out to be part of Xehanort again.

I’m just gonna get right to the point this time: who is this mysterious fellow introduced on the last page of this chapter? I’ve seen characters hidden in the shadows like this before, so there are a few things we can guess from this. The first is that this is obviously someone we know from before, or else there would be no point in hiding their face. We can also assume that this character has a clearly defined position higher than Law, or else someone as composed as him would never have been this shocked. Considering Law’s current position as a Shichibukai and the high power level he’s shown off so far, we can rule out anyone except those few people. Initially, I also thought that keeping the face of the man hidden meant that he was someone we’ve seen the appearance of before. However, the two most likely characters are those we haven’t met face-to-face, so that doesn’t hold up as well.

The first candidate is the one I thought of the moment this person stepped out of the shadows, which is Kaidou. Law’s whole reason for being on this island was to find a weapon capable of taking on one of the Yonkou, which means whichever Yonkou that is would inspire a powerful reaction from him. We don’t know which one he’s going after, but the body type doesn’t match with Blackbeard or Big Mam, and while Shanks is possible, I don’t feel like he would be showing up this early in the New World. I can’t say for sure why someone like him would be somewhere so close to the start of the New World, but on an island as twisted as Punk Hazard, anything is possible.

The second candidate is who most of the people I’ve listened to have guessed, which is Dr. Vegapunk. This is so probable that even I quickly came around to the theory. The name of Vegapunk has been thrown around this arc more than any before it, so at some point we had to hear something about who he is or what he’s currently doing, but I never expected him to actually show up on Punk Hazard. I can even come up with a few logical reasons for him to be on the island, since one of his most powerful weapons is dormant here and he could be retrieving it. That would help explain why Law is so pissed off if his plans are about to get wrecked.

I’m having trouble thinking of who else this person could be. At first I thought Eustace Kidd or one of the other Supernovas, but his dialogue suggests he hasn’t seen Law in many years. I’ve heard some good arguments that it could be Aokiji, though I would have to question why he thought to hide out on the island everyone knows he was last seen on. It would be interesting if this was an already established crew member of the Yonkou, since they haven’t gotten a lot of development yet. Sucks that we have to wait an extra week for any kind of answer, but knowing this series, it could very well be until the end of the story arc before we see either of these two again.

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  1. It’s been a while since I was so desperate for just one more page. Damn, this chapter had an awesome cliff hanger!

    I personally think this guy is Kaidou. For some reason, I don’t imagine Vegapunk being over powered enough to scare Law like that. Also, the girl person would not have laughed if she saw Vegapunk because she is working for his rival. Unless, of course, she is a spy or something, in which case, that makes more sense.

    Very nice chapter though! I loved the fighting as well.

    • I know. What a bad place for a week long break!

      I never considered how Winged Girl’s reaction factored in. Of course I could never see her acting calm in the presence of one of the Yonkou either. Maybe she’s just naturally calm or something.

  2. it might be captain buggy hehehe

    • Law being afraid of Buggy would be pretty funny. I think they actually met briefly at the end of Marineford, though, and he didn’t look too surprised.

  3. I think its Duval. There was always something menacing about the way he winked.

    Also, while it would make sense for it to be Vegapunk, i like the idea that Aokiji decided to hide on the island. i mean, no one but the audience reading the manga would think to look on thee island he was last known on, and thats why it works, also why i think One Piece will never do it. But still, thinking that one piece might not do it because of that reason is reason enough to think they will do it.

    • Well Duval is creepy enough to justify Law’s reaction, but I think he’s still on Saobody.

      So they won’t do it because they will because they won’t because they will because-AH, my head!

  4. My first thought was Aokiji. But then again, I don’t recall any significant scenes involving the both of them and I can’t find a reason why Law would fear him. Unless there’s something that we don’t know about.

    Which is why now I’m guessing it’s the mysterious Vegapunk.

    • It’s hard to say if Law knows Aokiji. Considering how powerful an Admiral is, even a former one, they should inspire fear in anyone who knows them.

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