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One Piece – Behind The Black

One Piece 671

This better not turn out to be part of Xehanort again.

I’m just gonna get right to the point this time: who is this mysterious fellow introduced on the last page of this chapter? I’ve seen characters hidden in the shadows like this before, so there are a few things we can guess from this. The first is that this is obviously someone we know from before, or else there would be no point in hiding their face. We can also assume that this character has a clearly defined position higher than Law, or else someone as composed as him would never have been this shocked. Considering Law’s current position as a Shichibukai and the high power level he’s shown off so far, we can rule out anyone except those few people. Initially, I also thought that keeping the face of the man hidden meant that he was someone we’ve seen the appearance of before. However, the two most likely characters are those we haven’t met face-to-face, so that doesn’t hold up as well. Read the rest of this entry