Princess Jellyfish – Chapter 40


If this were a shonen, this would be where she runs over and punches Inari in the face!

(Note: I started writing this before Chapter 41 came out, so in the off chance that something contradicts with that chapter, blame someone who isn’t me.)

I admit that I’ve always found Kuranosuke’s methods to be questionable. I assume most people have, since that seems to be the role he was cast as: the naive pretty boy who thinks he’s the wise old mentor. Most of his ideas are based around clever observations with little thought to practical application, such as dressing up the Sisterhood to make others take them seriously, while neglecting to address their fear of public speech. So his plan to set up a fashion show at the Nunnery seemed smart, but had rather obvious faults. Particularly when it came to the well-being of everyone except for him. I was questioning the sort of bad publicity he was creating for his family in the last few chapters, but somehow it never occurred to me how these events were affecting the other otaku until now.

Those other girls were primarily playing comedic roles, even during the actual fashion show. So when we got to see the hard work they put in, it never really registers that they might be having a difficult time. It’s like Keima from The World God Only Knows getting beat up every so often, which would be tragic if it weren’t played for laughs and if he honestly seemed to care. Plus, I’m not even sure if they fully understood what it was they were working for, or why the fashion show was supposed to help save Amamizu-kan. The end of this chapter was the first time I really felt for them, as they were hit hard that the possibility that the inn is beyond saving.

With all that’s been going on lately – the fashion show, the call from Kuranosuke’s mother, the controversy with the Koibuchi household – it’s easy to forget about all the other characters in the middle of things. Especially with the Nuns, who were never a serious group to begin with. They’ve been starting to get more involved with the other main characters lately, especially Mayaya, and I’m wondering what might happen with them in the future. Of course it’s possible that I read a little too much into the end of last chapter, but I would still like to see them doing more than being wacky comic relief. Otaku can be important too, you know.

By the way, I was wondering what everyone else calls the main group. As you can tell, I’ve heard quite a few different names for them and don’t know which one to use. Nuns, Amars, Sisterhood…they’ve got like five different names.

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  1. I call them as Tsukimi and friends. I thought it sounds better that way.

  2. I was always interested in this manga series after watching the OVA anime…
    Do you suggest it to me? (knowing my tastes from my blog…:D)

    • I would recommend it. It’s somewhat mature, but still has that very quirky feel to it. For instance, my #2 pick for the image for this rant was an imagine spot of Shuu wearing the jellyfish dress. Very silly and enjoyable.

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