Kenichi vs Change 123 – Review

Because if there’s one thing they know, it’s competition.

I managed to make this one in half the time of the previous review, despite it being two manga. It’s still a little short of 2 weeks, which is the time I’d like these to take. So while I was going to do Chobits next, I decided to pick a series I knew back and forth. It still might be a little more than 2 weeks because of my English work, but we shall see.

In terms of actual production, I learned that I need to be a little more careful during recording. At one point, I accidentally gave the protagonist of Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi (or whatever it’s called today) the wrong last name, and it caused a rather noticeable difference in my voice where I edited it. Also, gathering the pictures for this was annoying as hell. Two series, and I own neither. Should have thought that one through a little better.

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  1. LOL! I agree, if they wanna do fanservice, do it properly!

    From your review here, I don’t think I’ll wanna read any of those. The fanservice itself is already a major turnoff. But thanks!

  2. Haven’t read either title, but heard of them. Kenichi in particular. Think I might try the anime of Kenichi out though – I have way too many manga titles in my query.

    • Yes, from what I’ve seen, the Kenichi anime is actually a fairly good adaptation. That’s part of why I list the number of chapter adapted at the end, in case anyone wants to start with the anime.

  3. Haha nice review, gave me a couple laughs. The manga aren’t really my style, but I might pick up Change 123. Doesn’t look half bad.

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