Fairy Tail – Animal Abuse

Fairy Tail

No! Don’t hurt the kitty!!

Somehow over time, I’ve gotten used to the level of brutality the members of Sabertooth possess. That doesn’t make the events of this chapter any easier to watch. At first I didn’t respond to the backstory of Sting and Lecter very well, since it seemed to come a little too late and I didn’t think it fully justified his attitude. That was when I thought the previous match between him and Natsu was the last part of his story arc. As it turns out, that was only the midpoint. And while being angry because you made a promise to a friend isn’t a very good motivation, being angry because that friend was just killed right in front of you is a great one.

You sometimes forget that there can be consequences to winning, especially when the losing side is a group like Sabertooth. Usually when the members of Fairy Tail fight against a dark guild, they take the whole group down before they have a chance to do anything like this. I imagine Grimoire Heart may have been this harsh as well, but we never got to see it. Even if Natsu did try and deal with the guild leader before, he never got the proper chance to, and now Lecter has to pay the price. I’m sure Sting will rest comfortably knowing that in a way, this was all Natsu’s fault.

Fairy Tail 300

For the first time since he was introduced, I feel like I understand Sting. I still don’t identify with him, cause he’s a murdering bastard, but having him lash out at his guild leader right now feels appropriate. Lecter was the only thing that kept him thinking semi-rationally. It was the only person he cared about, and his master not only killed him, but spoke about him like he was worthless. So Sting responded the only way he could: with his anger. And based on Minerva’s approving reaction, it feels like this act has completed his turn to the Dark Side. Well, the Even Darker Side.

If this is how Sting punishes his guild leader, I shudder to think of how he’ll be dealing with Natsu at the big upcoming battle royale. His previous loss was most likely because he didn’t have proper motivation, but now any limiters he may have are gone and we’ll be free to finally have the confrontation we’ve been waiting for. Of course it’s totally possible for Lecter to come back alive after all this, which would cheapen this big moment. I at least have hopes that something like that will at least be held off until after the fight.

Oh, and does anyone actually remember the Sabertooth guild leader’s name?

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