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So my exams for this year have finally ended, and now I’m free from all that stuff for another few months. Now all I have to worry about is my GPA and work and my website and countless other things. I suppose this is what being an adult means. Well at least I can be an adult and still enjoy manga the way I do. Since I’ve had difficulty talking about the most recent manga chapters lately, I thought I would make a post briefly discussing the things I might have blogged about had I not been busy. These won’t be as long as my normal posts, but I thought I should do a little catching up regardless.

One Piece – Caesar Clown’s Playhouse

His favourite song is Jumpin' Jack Flash, in case you were wondering.

Enemies in One Piece tend to fall all over the morality scale, from honorable soldiers like Smoker to professional killers like Rob Lucci to complete sadists like Moria. What I found interesting about Caesar Clown (aside from the name, of course) is that he’s managed to convince people he’s much more honorable and less insane than he really is. Listening to Brownbeard talk about him, you would almost think he was a decent guy with a passionate love for science. Of course one look at him shows that he’s every bit as insane and sadistic as the term “passionate love for science” would imply. This series used to tiptoe around the use of drugs and WMDs, which makes Clown’s behaviour feel all the more extreme and cruel. I honestly think all of Luffy’s training will have been worth it just so we can see him punch this guy in the face properly.

Billy Bat – Houston, We Have A Problem

Earth doesn't look like Earth on camera. You have to use cardboard.

Here’s something interesting I just learned. Apparently, not only was the moon landing actually faked, it was faked by the man who did the special effects for the original Godzilla movie. I honestly did not expect that one.

I’ve only heard stories about the cross between children’s entertainment and world politics. Superman punching Hitler, Captain America lecturing Hitler, Bugs Bunny trolling Hitler, etc. This series takes place mostly after WWII, but we’re still getting to see this interaction with the people behind Godzilla and Mickey Mouse Billy Bat assisting in the moon landing project. It’s very interesting to hear the military speak about how only someone whose work has touched the hearts of the world over could work on a project this big. You don’t often hear that kind of praise given to that kind of entertainment, so it was nice to hear. Even if the people saying it are basically going to scam the whole world with this.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi – The Only Way To Kill a Demon

Pissed off Hongou is just like normal Hongou until you observe the size of the debris left behind.

Watching a match between two Master class fighters is always a fascinating spectacle. Watching a match between two Fists of Yami is on a whole different level entirely. There’s a kind of ruthlessness in their fighting that isn’t present in the masters of Ryouzanpaku, and this is normally part of what balances out the fighting between the two sides. The person you’re rooting for is almost never the one who would rip your heart out and show it to you. In this fight we’re clearly supposed to root for Hongou Akira, but he’s the type who we’re normally against. His style of fighting is far more destructive than any of the heroes, since not even Sakaki would forcibly dislocate his own joints to escape attacks. I’m particularly enjoying this both because of the different people involved and because I honestly don’t know how it will end.

Yay, I finally got to talk about Kenichi again!

The World God Only Knows – Hell Needs Better Background Checks

Silly Haqua, bringing a scythe to ANYWHERE.

For those who aren’t fully caught up on this series, here’s something you might want to know. One recently introduced character is Lune, a New Devil who has a habit of stabbing herself with an exact-o-knife whenever she’s frustrated. Oh, and she’s evil, but I think you got that. She actually parallels Hongou Akira a little bit because of how much more cruel and disturbing she is compared to everyone around her. At least with Nora and Fiore I could see how their coworkers could stand to be around them for more than two seconds. Now, I don’t think anything too horribly bad is going to happen to Haqua, because the side of good is really understaffed as it is. My ideal conclusion to this fight is for Elsie to show up and bash Lune over the head with her broom, but that might just be wishful thinking.

Princess Jellyfish – Insert Your Own Pun Involving the Word “NEET”'s cheap rent split six ways.

It’s interesting how in any given situation, some of the Amars will be extremely helpful while others will be almost useless. Back during the fashion show, Mayaya got to be one of the models and was extremely effective, both as a worker and in her interaction with the others. Now that that’s over, she’s gone back to her original role of yelling a lot and eating the fruit off of Tsukimi’s expensive pastry. Actually, that scene was a decent metaphor for her character. Jiji is turning into a good contrast to that right now. She used to be so quiet and unassuming that I had to go onto MAL just to remember what her name is. Now she’s actually trying to help out in whatever way she can, and it helps her both stand out and become more likable when so many others are unable to do the same.

Is this just me? Am I reading the characters wrong? It feels like I shouldn’t be expecting the Amars to be busy workers when being NEETs is one of the key points to their characters. I’m just applying my old rule that a good character is one who moves the story forward rather than holding it back, but maybe that shouldn’t apply here.

Soul Eater – Houston, WE Have A BIGGER Problem

Whoever gets the least kills has to pay for drinks tonight.

Somehow, I don’t think this strategy to attack the moon was thought all the way through. Any plan that involves Death the Kid traveling to the moon, back, then to the moon again has a few holes in it. Maybe this wasn’t their original plan, but that meeting between Shinigami and the witches would have to have happened awfully fast if they didn’t see the respawning clowns coming. Considering that you would want to go into combat with as large a force as possible, it seems like this meeting should have happened before you left, even if you didn’t know you would need the witch barriers. Again, this could just be me reading things incorrectly, but I think someone who represents the madness of law could have created a more concise plan than this. I’m pretty sure at least one of those Death Scythes is gonna die before reinforcements come back, but lets just hope the damage can be kept at a minimum.

Did I really just use the term “witch barriers”? Good God, the madness is getting to me too!

Fairy Tail – You Should See Her With a Reverse Blade Sword

She said this in Biology once. The teacher was not as impressed.

I think I spent half of this chapter annoyed, because I was sure I knew how it would end and didn’t want it to conclude that way. But then I was surprised when the chapter actually listened to me for once. See, normally when two new characters are in a fight, and one cheerfully offers the other to wager her own life, it’s to establish how sadistic the first character is. Instead, this chapter used it to establish how FUCKING AWESOME the second character is.

It’s very hard to say where these two are going, since they were only introduced this chapter and they still have another round to compete in. Of course the logical opponent for Kagura would be Erza and Yukino’s would be Lucy, since the styles of fighting match up well. But what intrigues me is that deal where Yukino now essentially belongs to Kagura, which would imply they’ll be fighting together later. Of course only one member of each guild can compete at a time, so Lucy and Erza can’t fight together, and Lucy’s match seems more important. A friend suggested Lucy and Leo fighting together, which I suppose makes sense. There’s still time for the series to screw this up somehow, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this next match.


One last thing: my round of the Aniblog Tourney is still on for another few hours, and the match is extremely close. A few votes could decide things, so you can head on over and vote if you’d like.

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  1. I am really interested in seeing how Luffy is going to fight Caesar Clown. I’m disappointed with Zoro’s side in the latest chapter, but the incident also shows that the enemies Straw Hat is facing are the strongest yet. Perhaps this arc will show how much stronger they have really become.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t have anything to say on Stein’s reason for not going insane, since that was what you thinking would happen at the end of their fight.

  3. History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi’s fights are always intense, even more so when it’s the master’s fights. It’s been a while since I last read it, I think I should get back to it soon.

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