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Princess Jellyfish – The Sound of a Million Squees

Princess Jellyfish 47

Team Inari got their third X when they guessed “A Bath”.

This is one of those events you don’t expect, but always silently hope for. The relationship between Tsukimi and Shuu has always been one of those awkward ones, although it’s hard to say how close they actually want to be. Both of them have far too many boundaries for their getting together to be in any way simple. Keep in mind that Shuu has been mostly single his whole life, and changing that kind of closed off mindset can’t be easy. This hasn’t stopped Hanamori from deciding for himself that the two of them should start going out, which would feel very intrusive if it wasn’t so amazing to hear. In spite of all their problems with closeness, I think getting to go out should be good for the two of them. Read the rest of this entry