Shades of Grey Turns 1/4

Actually, the blog became three months old on the 13th, I believe. I just had midterms and stuff to focus on until earlier today. There were only a few things I wanted to mention at this point. First is that with midterms done, I should be able to work on the Chobits review fairly soon. It might still take some time, since it’s a more complicated series than a lot of the previous ones I reviewed, but it helps that I have the entire collection, so finding pictures shouldn’t be an issue. After that, I’d like to do Rosario + Vampire, but there’s someone I’d to get in contact with who knows it better than I do. If not, then it’ll be either Fairy Tail or Gamaran.

In addition to the usual chapter discussions, I’m planning one for this new series that started recently called Nisekoi. It’s by the guy who made Double Arts and a bunch of other short manga you probably never heard of. And keep an eye out at,  since I’ll be working on something for them fairly soon.

There isn’t a whole lot to bring up besides that, so here’s a few pictures I collected from various manga. Some of these I wanted to use in posts but didn’t, and others are just interesting clips I found. Anyway, enjoy.

Psyren's first attempt at a marketable mascot did not go over well.

Yukio got a peek at Kubo's notes.

So, you from around here?

See, this is what happens when you take relationship advice from Weekly Shonen Jump.

Someone find me the emoticon for that!

Saten only has two things on her mind. One is perversion. I haven't seen the other one.

You left out "Scientists", "Squid Otaku", and of course "Loud Gamer Girl Who's About To Lose Her Allowance".

I wouldn't exactly call that a "change".

So THAT'S what Teddie does when we're not around.

I’ve been having fun working on this website, and it’s great to know so many people are interested it what I have to say. I’ve actually had a bit of a problem with putting my work down, but I think it’s been getting a lot better. Plus I think all this helps with my essay writing, so there’s another incentive to all this. Well, here’s hoping the next three months were as good as the last.

And that I don’t feel the urge to complain about any more series. Writing “The Problem with D.Grayman” is tempting, but we’ll see how the next few chapters go.

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  1. 1/4 of year! GoGoGo!

    when you’re over half year you’ll be out of the death zone for newlyborn blogs…:D

  2. Once again, congratulations for staying in the blogosphere for three months. Your blog is unique to me because I don’t read a lot of posts about manga from other blogs. At least, not that I know of. So, keep on going ya.

  3. I can already list one problem with D.Gray-man. WTF was with that zombie chapters around 160 or so. The series was running with over 150 chapters of story chapters, and without any warning, without any slowing of the story.

    BAM! Filler.

    The fuck happened? And then it when to the monthly format, and i will say one thing. D.Gray-man is not a story you can simply pick back up after a month has past. Oh no, this story is way too complicated for that. and with a cast of dozens (just thinking important characters), you will forget a face, and this will screw you.

    Oh, and if i may rant a little bit more, last chapter sucked alot more than i let on, and next time D.Gray-man rolls around, i’ll let it be known on my video, but really. You have a monthly series, you get one shot to make a good chapter once a month, and you release an 18 page story, which is at least 10 to 12 pages under the average number of pages for a monthly series, for a story that you really could have condensed into 10 to 12 pages at best.

    Wow, i finished rereading my post, and i didn’t realize i had a problem with D.Gray-man until now, but yeah, this series bugs me lol. Then again, i checked the number of pages on last chapter again, it was actually 15 counting the title page.

    Anyway, happy 3 months, good luck on the next 9 =)

    • I know the creator of D.Gray-man had a good reason to switch to monthly (her health and all that), but the fact remains that she has no idea how the pacing of a monthly series works. Kanda’s backstory, for instance, could have at least been cut in half. I should save most of my points for an actual chapter, though.

      Thanks, I hope it all works out too.

  4. Congrats. Only blog I know thus far that focus solely on manga, but one that is getting me inspired to pick it back up ^^

  5. congratulations Yerocha!
    got around reaching genshiken yet? and that shourai site looks pretty cool, even i might give it a shot…

    • Sadly, not yet. I’ve got a few other things I’d like to finish before I start anything new, since my backlog was getting kinda full. But Genshiken is on my Plan To Read list for sure (and so is Angel Beats Heavens Door).

  6. Congratulations. You are one of the best Manga bloggers I know. As a new blogger I can totally understand how 3 months is a big deal. I’ve nearly hit two months so i’m not too far behind you. 🙂 If you can make it past the 6 months we can probably expect you to be around for years to come 😛

    I read most of your manga stuff but i’m not as up to date with a lot of manga you blog about. I should probably try catching up.

    • The incredible thing is that it feels like not long ago that I wrote the 1 month post. Time really does fly.

      Yes, one thing I sometimes worry about with my posts is that they usually assume the reader read the manga chapter in question. I warn about spoilers when it may affect the anime viewers, though, and I do try to avoid saying too much, just in case.

  7. Really late here, but congrats! While it’s not so apparent, I really enjoy reading your posts, especially since you’re an unique blogger who blogs about manga! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other manga-centric blog in all my time in the blogosphere, so it’s been nice reading your posts. Keep it up! ^_^

  8. I’m kind of late here too but Congratulations! I’m really happy for your progress and milestone, plus looks like you’re really enjoying having your own blog which is the most important.

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