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A Certain Scientific Railgun – Hitting Where It Hurts

Railgun 48

Kuroko can be very cruel when she wants to be.

“Not Recommended: Anyone who found Shirai Kuroko frustrating”


This is one of those moments you think might happen, but you doubt it actually will for whatever reason. Having Kuroko and the others lose their memories of Misaka is the sort of thing you would expect to have more buildup than this. They were just walking around and click, memories gone. I didn’t think it was possible, but the current Queen of Tokiwodai has become less likable than the former Queen of Karuta. Read the rest of this entry

Shades of Grey Turns 1/4

Actually, the blog became three months old on the 13th, I believe. I just had midterms and stuff to focus on until earlier today. There were only a few things I wanted to mention at this point. First is that with midterms done, I should be able to work on the Chobits review fairly soon. It might still take some time, since it’s a more complicated series than a lot of the previous ones I reviewed, but it helps that I have the entire collection, so finding pictures shouldn’t be an issue. After that, I’d like to do Rosario + Vampire, but there’s someone I’d to get in contact with who knows it better than I do. If not, then it’ll be either Fairy Tail or Gamaran. Read the rest of this entry