Claymore – And Everyone Lived Happily Ever After

Claymore 126

“It’s against our laws to kill humans, so maybe I should have explained this first.”

Some of you have probably heard the rumours about Claymore coming to a rather abrupt end. I personally heard it from a tweet by Shonen Beam while I was halfway through the chapter, so there was slightly less surprise then there probably should have been. I understand that this isn’t the actual end of the story and it will be continuing on in a different magazine. Whatever happened, it’s still a lot for readers to suddenly find out at the last possible second. I would have expected some sort of warning from one of the many anime news websites that are out there, or at least for the little “Claymore – End” note to also include “See You In Whatever Other Magazine”.

I’ve been wondering where the series could possibly go after invading the Organization. There are still other plot points that need to be resolved – the war on the mainland, Clare and Raki, Clare and Priscilla – but there never felt like an easy way to incorporate them, especially with Clare currently indisposed. Going after the central authority of the observable Claymore universe is something you would expect at the very end of the series, but we still have a lot of ground we need to cover.

Currently, I have no idea what’s going to happen when the series starts back up again. I’ve heard the new chapters referred to as a spinoff, which makes sense considering that the remaining story doesn’t seem to concern the group of Claymores pictured above. Their whole mission was to overthrow the Organization and gain their freedom, so until someone else from the mainland shows up, there isn’t much for them to do. I suppose part of the purpose of changing magazines could be to start over with the few characters who will still be important, but if that happens, I’m worried about how the quality of the series will be affected by it.

I’m obviously not going to write a finale post for this series yet because it isn’t really over, despite what some people have been worried about. At the same time, this sudden news has brought something to mind that I never really payed attention to before: I don’t know that much about Claymore. It’s an interesting series, no question, but when I try to picture what could happen in the future, I realize how little I understand about the present. Whatever we get out of the new version of the series, I’ll still be keeping up, though I hope some more light can be shed on the state of the world soon.

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  1. Nice writeup. I like the point you make about knowing details yet not getting a great feel for the series. I feel the same way; I really enjoy it, and I know individual plot points that will be expanded upon, but I have a hard time predicting any specifics.

    To be clear, the rumor as I understand it is that Claymore will resume as a sequel series in the same magazine (Jump SQ) under a different name (i.e. Claymore: New World, or some such subtitle). I know that various people and sites are making a big deal out of the fact that Claymore doesn’t appear in the preview image for the next issue of Jump SQ, but that magazine doesn’t preview every series appearing in its next installment.

    Incidentally, Jump SQ is a shonen magazine, so Claymore is a shonen series, even if it is more mature than other shonen titles.

    • The problem is that there’s so little information about this online that people are getting all panicky. Of course that should reinforce the idea that it isn’t really over, because there would be lots of coverage if it were ending.

      I don’t know how, but I always heard that it was seinen. It definitely feels like one.

  2. I’m glad that storyline was wrapped up. As much as I like Miria, the series had certainly lost its way. A return to storylines focusing on Raki, Clare, and Priscilla, I think, would go a long way to both matching the tone from early in the series and lead to a more personally compelling storyling. Maybe. We’ll see.

    Claymore is my favorite manga, though, so I’ll forgive almost anything at this point, even if the series goes further adrift.

    • I noticed an odd progression where the fights against Awakened Ones started to closely resemble random encounters. It was around when that started where it felt like things had gone a little downhill, but hopefully it can get better.

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