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Toriko – In Which Four Guys Want to Cook and Eat a Godzilla Sized Creature

Toriko 206

Yes, we now have a Spirit Bomb. Made of appetite.

If there’s one thing Toriko knows how to do better than any other series, it’s how to create a sense of scale. I see other manga talk about big stuff, whether it be creatures, places, or just a massive world in general. But Toriko knows how to make things truly feel gigantic. It sends the characters against colossal ruins or monsters the size of the average city to make them overcome what feels like insurmountable hurdles.

This chapter took that to a whole new level. It’s one thing to face gigantic obstacles, but the difficult part is how you get across the protagonists not simply meeting them, but surpassing them. In their own way, they’ve become something grander than the creature that used to tower over them. So the question is how to convey that climactic moment with all the grandeur it deserves? Read the rest of this entry

Fairy Tail – Chapter 246

Natsu's new ultimate attack

I think Natsu needs a breath mint.

You know, when this arc started, I really thought part of the theme would be the guild working together as a group. It was something I wanted to see for some time, since the overall point of having a closely-knit organization like the guild should be how they work together. In the past, we’d gotten a taste of that (particularly in the fight with Laxus), and I was hoping we’d see more of that here. And…yeah, I guess we’ve seen some of that in this arc, but not on the level I’d hoped for.

The fight with Hades started off looking like it would involve the teamwork I wanted. You have a number of different characters facing the enemy leader at once, which is more than the previous arc required. It would show that the villain was strong enough to require a force beyond what was used in the past, which he’d need to be to beat Makarov. But no, that was not to be.

After a chapter of the group working together to try to beat Hades, he shrugged off all their attacks and started pounding on them until Laxus showed up. And since Laxus couldn’t beat Hades (he even said he probably shouldn’t, which I thought was a nice touch), he transferred his powers to Natsu, setting up a traditional 1-on-1 boss fight. And in this chapter, it turned out even THAT didn’t work. Of course it wasn’t too hard to see coming, since someone like Hades wouldn’t lose in the middle of a chapter.

At this rate, I’m not sure how the fight will actually end, especially since Natsu claims to have run out of magic (Drinking Game: take a shot every time someone says that in this story arc). Since Hades seems to be setting himself up as some sort of living magical nexus of power, it’s entirely possible he won’t get beaten this arc, but that still doesn’t explain how he leaves without anyone dying. The only other thing I can think of is that Cana’s new magic upgrade will actually do something to help save everyone. Right now, though, I don’t see any way that teamwork will help out. Maybe everyone gets down and prays for someone, but I doubt that counts as teamwork.