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Subjectivity in Reviews

Those of you who have seen my reviews have probably noticed that I use a different method of judging the manga than most other reviewers do. Instead of using a numbered score, a letter grade, or even a simple assessment of overall quality, my reviews end with a clear description of who would probably like a series and who wouldn’t. Well, I think it’s time I wrote about this particular method of reviewing and why I chose it over the more common methods.

See, I’ve seen a lot of different reviewers in the last few years. I’ve seen game reviewers on TV, movie and anime reviewers online, and more than a few reviewer blogs. I’ve seen critical reviewers, casual ones, and quite a few people who just like tearing into things they hate. And because of this, I came to notice a few trends that I didn’t enjoy as much as the other reviewers seemed to. In particular, there were three things they did that I decided had to stop when I started writing my first video. Read the rest of this entry