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One Piece – Chapter 648-650

One Piece 648

When a One Piece character needs blood, you know they're in trouble.

So I guess this is the end to the Fishman Island arc. In many ways, it really wasn’t what I expected. Something I heard from quite a few people is that this was never supposed to be a big game-changing storyline like the last few have been. The thing it reminded me of most was actually the Drum Island arc where Chopper was introduced. There was a good deal of tension and an interesting backstory, but the actual enemies weren’t all that impressive. I think Luffy had more difficulty with the weather than the actual fight against Wapol, which is kind of like how Hody was only challenging because of the water. In both cases, I think the main purpose of the arc was buildup for what’s to come. Plus the Drum Island arc was meant to introduce a new member of the crew, and the Fishman Island arc… Read the rest of this entry