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Bleach – Have We Mentioned It’s The Final Arc?

Bleach 480

It's not every day you get to jump in and save everyone. Unless you're Ichigo.

I’m sure that by now, everyone has heard the news about Bleach entering its final story arc. If not, then I’m sure this post will come as quite a shock. Until this announcement, it was difficult to tell when the series would actually be ending, but that was partially because everyone thinks it should have ended after Aizen was beaten. The previous story arc felt a lot like filler to quite a few people, which meant even Kubo seemed to be having difficulty coming up with any reason why the story should still be running. This announcement strongly indicates that the time for filler has now passed, because there’s no longer a need to hold the important plot points for later. Read the rest of this entry

Yerocha’s 2011 Anime Awards – Part 2

Most Mysterious

Dantalian no Shoka

I was a fan of Read or Die a while back, so the idea of a series revolving around books isn’t something new. The difference, though, is that this series is nowhere near as straightforward. I’m always getting a strong feeling that there’s more to the world of Dantalian no Shoka than what we’re looking at. Granted, this is mainly because there’s so much that isn’t being explained. I still don’t think it was a good idea to center an episode around that guy with the book-powered Raising Heart, and even after the end of the series I’m not sure what his existence accomplished. It was a pretty good show, although I feel like a second season would be necessary to make sense of it all.

(Runner-Up: UN-GO) Read the rest of this entry