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Liar Game – Chapter 139

Liar Game 139

Akiyama knows how to make an entrance.

Well, it’s finally here! We waited a year and a half for a new chapter of Liar Game, and now our waiting is over. It’s good to see that after all this time, the series still knows how to present itself. We’re only one chapter in and Nao is getting in touch with her ideals while Akiyama is already making deals with the other players and Yokoya is setting up his new plan for the game as a whole. We don’t even know what this round is going to be, and I’m already excited.

I’ve gathered up a big list of things I could write posts about – Nao and Akiyama, Yokoya’s overall plan, the nature of the Liar Game or whatever the hell Fukunaga is still doing – but since we’re at the beginning of a story arc, I think it’s wild speculation time! Read the rest of this entry

Deadman Wonderland – Chapter 48


Aw, now they can't play the "Which one is Hikaru?" game.

There comes a time in many series where you have to accept that a character’s time has come. People can easily die in just about any series, especially ones like Deadman Wonderland, and it’s sometimes possible to tell that someone is going to even before it happens. That’s what I’ve felt for a little while regarding Crow. It was only a few chapters ago where he was badly beaten by Hagire, and a small part of me thought he would die then. After all, this is the finale, and it’s unlikely that we’ll get through it without a few casualties. Even as he regained his fighting strength, the scene where he came to rescue Ganta felt like something even he knew would lead to his death. And after beating Hagire’s twin guards, he took enough damage that I knew he wasn’t coming back up, and it looked like it was finally time.

As it turns out, though, Ganta disagreed with me. Read the rest of this entry

Deadman Wonderland – Review

As you may have noticed, I’ve seen the “murder for shock value” twist a few too many times.

Well, even though it took a month and a half to make, it was still faster than the last video. Most of my problems were in the writing, as it had been a long time since I’d written the Black Cat review. After that, the actual recording didn’t take long, and the editing was mainly held back by problems with my new video editor. I went back to MovieMaker for this one, and I’ll probably stay there until I get used to making videos in general. It looks alright, though, since I stopped trying to abuse the zoom mechanics.

I’m still a little apprehensive about this video, but considering the positive response to the last one, I shouldn’t let it bother me. The one issue I will bring up is the camera. The view window on the side doesn’t show the entire field that will be recorded, so it was difficult to tell what I would get. I’ll try to fix that for next time.

The next review should still take more than two weeks, since I have English work that needs to take priority for a bit. Plus, it’s gonna be a little more complex then these last two.

Rosario + Vampire II – Chapter 45


A friend told me you had to be masochistic to play Touhou. I don't think this is what he meant.

There’s something that I’ve seen in a lot of different shonen series, and that’s the part where everyone pairs off one at a time to fight. I think we all know that routine by now, since so many manga rely on it to give the cast something to do. But I never expected to see it happen in Rosario + Vampire. I suppose I’ve been listening too much to the people who only know about the anime, which never grew up the way the manga did. The thing is that even during Part II, the series never felt like a traditional shonen, since the fight scenes were never the primary conflict; they were just the result of it. So we never got too many characters who appeared solely to be fought. If we did have those sorts of events more often, though, I think these chapters would feel very grating and unnecessary. But instead, I’m looking forward to these fights, since we haven’t had many good opportunities to see the cast in action yet. Read the rest of this entry

Claymore – Chapter 118

Even the best of us roll Natural 1s once in a while.

There’s a problem I’ve always had with Claymore. It seems to have this bizarre, Dragonball-esque idea that no two groups can have the same level of power. Almost every fight we get to see has one side completely dominating the other, and those that don’t follow that formula still make victory an uphill battle. Then there’s the Abyss Feeders and the Organization’s Number 10, but they don’t follow normal combat rules in general. This is why the recent chapters, which saw the resurrection of three of the strongest Claymore, has confused me quite a bit, because I’m a little uncertain where these characters fall on the power scale.

Cassandra’s technique was what a great deal of the last chapter focused on unveiling, even though it still made little sense. She vibrates back and forth while dicing her opponents? Cassandra the Walking Buzzsaw would’ve been a better name. More to the point, I still don’t understand exactly how strong this ability is supposed to make her. Yes, she can hunt Awakened Ones on her own and defeat the newer Claymore with ease, but any of the Seven Ghosts are capable of that. And now, as seen above, she’s being played with by the Organization’s Number 10, which isn’t the sort of thing you show when you want to portray someone as powerful.

Next is Hysteria (really, that’s the name you picked?), whose fight with Miria showcases both the domination and uphill battle scenarios. At first, she’s shown to have a more evolved version of the technique Miria specializes in, which means she’s able to counter anything she does. In this chapter, though, Miria has started to discover how to push herself hard enough to keep up, which feels a lot like Clare’s battle with Rigaldo a while back. Even so, I don’t get the same feeling from Hysteria that I did from Rigaldo, as she’s only fighting off one opponent and isn’t dominating as much as you’d expect from a former Number 1. It seems from this chapter that Hysteria is not only nowhere near as powerful as she’s been built up, but may very well die by the end of this arc. Maybe she’ll be the catalyst needed for Miria to awaken, but I don’t see her as anything more than that.

Roxanne, however, is a whole different story. She’s the sort of character who emanates power not from her actions, but from her inaction. The story of Cassandra’s technique was also her story, and she had an air of contempt in her dialogue as she told it, as though she were looking down on her. We get some insight into her technique as well, and she’s shown to be something of a youki leech, stealing other peoples abilities over time. Actually, now that I think about it, she sounds like an evil version of Clare. We have yet to see the full extent of her abilities, but what we’ve heard so far, combined with her general attitude, makes her a character to be afraid of.

Theoretically, any of these characters could end up being more powerful than I’m giving them credit for, but so far Roxanne is the only one whose strength I actually believed in. Just from the last few chapters, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up stealing everyone’s powers, ditching the Organization, and meeting up with Priscilla for tea and crackers.