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Kimi ni Todoke – Chapter 62


I wish I could make this funny. I really do.

I think I can understand where Chizuru is coming from. The more I read about her and her history with Ryuu, the more complicated it seems to get, but somewhere in that complexity they became much easier to relate to. At the start, they were part of a much simpler triangle relationship, and you might have expected that to be where their development was focused, but that wasn’t the case. What really matters with they two of them – and what makes them so understandable – is their long friendship. Most of us have people like Ryu, who have been there for us as long as we can remember and who we’d never want to let go of, but who we would never think of in a romantic light. There’s something that can be very alien about thinking of romantic love where it should never be. Read the rest of this entry

The World God Only Knows – Chapter 164

GodOnlyKnows164 there won't be any witnesses...

[Note: If you only saw the anime of The World God Only Knows, most of this blog post isn’t going to make sense.]

I  just got caught up on this series, and until a few chapters ago, I wasn’t thinking about which girl had the final goddess inside them. Somehow, I got the idea in my head that Akari held one of the goddesses until I looked it up and found out she was in the Runaway Spirit Squad. So I’ve only just begun to think about whether it will be Ayumi or Chihiro, or someone else entirely. From what I’ve heard people say, the fact that Keima currently believes the goddess is in Chihiro means that it definitely isn’t there. Now, I’ve read enough Liar Game to understand that train of thought, but there’s something else interesting about that idea. Let’s assume that for that theory to be true, Keima has to successfully romance Chihiro, since otherwise there wouldn’t be a fakeout. If that’s the case, though, then wouldn’t he end up with a love interest whose memory WON’T disappear? What happens then? Read the rest of this entry

Kimi ni Todoke – Chapter 61



Ayane was always something of an oddball in this series. I always thought she belonged in a manga like NANA, or some other josei, rather than here. Not that I’m complaining about her presence, but a girl who has such an easy time going out with people makes for an odd contrast to Sawako and Chizuru. It wasn’t until two chapters ago that she really started to make sense: having such an easy time finding someone makes it so much harder to care about them. But now that she’s admitted that, I have to wonder where, exactly, her story goes from here. Read the rest of this entry