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Mahou Sensei Negima – Chapter 338


And Chisame thought HER blog posts were wordy.

So after all this time, we finally get to find out what Negi’s plan to save the magic world is. He’s been so tight-lipped about it that I thought it would take 20 students and ample use of rope to get it out of him. As it is, it still took Chisame to get him to admit his plans. Now that I’ve actually heard it…I’m still a little confused. Where, exactly, did Negi think up a plan like this? It feels very removed from everything we’ve seen up till now, and I was expecting it to be related to something he’d learned during the Magic World arc. And considering how deep into his magic studies Negi would have to have been, it’s surprising that he would come up with a plan so drenched in science and politics. Considering his backstory, I’m surprised Negi even knows the word “terraform”. Read the rest of this entry