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Your Ideal Anime/Manga Cast

I don’t feel the need to explain exactly how stock characters work, because they’re so omnipresent all throughout fiction. It’s almost impossible to write a character without it falling into quite a few major archetypes. However, despite how familiar many of us are to certain stock characters, we can all name some series in which they work much better than others. Maybe it’s some subtle changes, or maybe just better writing, but for whatever reason some of these characters just manage to work where others might not. So I thought about it, and I decided to find out what kind of characters work the best.

But of course this isn’t the sort of project I can do by myself. I know so many people who have their own favourite characters and their own thoughts on why those characters work. Everyone gets to select whichever archetypes or characters they feel belong in their ideal series and write about how they work. I could mention quite a few myself, but I think it’s best to start off simpler, so I’ll be going by the TvTropes definitions of the Five Man Band and the Big Bad. Read the rest of this entry

Catching Up on Things – Seven Posts in One

So my exams for this year have finally ended, and now I’m free from all that stuff for another few months. Now all I have to worry about is my GPA and work and my website and countless other things. I suppose this is what being an adult means. Well at least I can be an adult and still enjoy manga the way I do. Since I’ve had difficulty talking about the most recent manga chapters lately, I thought I would make a post briefly discussing the things I might have blogged about had I not been busy. These won’t be as long as my normal posts, but I thought I should do a little catching up regardless.

One Piece – Caesar Clown’s Playhouse

His favourite song is Jumpin' Jack Flash, in case you were wondering.

Enemies in One Piece tend to fall all over the morality scale, from honorable soldiers like Smoker to professional killers like Rob Lucci to complete sadists like Moria. What I found interesting about Caesar Clown (aside from the name, of course) is that he’s managed to convince people he’s much more honorable and less insane than he really is. Listening to Brownbeard talk about him, you would almost think he was a decent guy with a passionate love for science. Of course one look at him shows that he’s every bit as insane and sadistic as the term “passionate love for science” would imply. This series used to tiptoe around the use of drugs and WMDs, which makes Clown’s behaviour feel all the more extreme and cruel. I honestly think all of Luffy’s training will have been worth it just so we can see him punch this guy in the face properly. Read the rest of this entry

One Piece – Wild Mass Speculation

One Piece 658

Almost makes you wonder how bad their aim has to be.

As readers of manga, or whatever your chosen hobby is, we all have a habit of trying to out-predict the creator. Our minds wander and we wonder what will happen next, even if we know next to nothing about the event we’re thinking of. Like everyone else, this happens to me all the time, although it varies a lot depending on the series. The one I mostly try to predict is Liar Game because I can easily understand the logic that goes into it. With One Piece, on the other hand, I’m actually not as speculative. With all the ridiculous things that happen in this manga, it’s often hard to find the urge to try and guess anything. Read the rest of this entry

One Piece – Chapter 652

During the timeskip, Tashigi got addicted to Prince of Tennis.

One of the most promising things about a timeskip is that it gives the characters time to change and grow. We’ve already seen this with the Strawhats, who all gained new designs and abilities, but we haven’t seen that many of the minor characters in the story yet. Of course we’ve seen some, but considering just how many characters this series has, there’s still a lot of ground to explore. That’s why I was happy to see the return of Smoker and Tashigi this chapter and why I’m looking forward to the possible meeting with the main characters they’re implying. Read the rest of this entry

One Piece – Chapter 648-650

One Piece 648

When a One Piece character needs blood, you know they're in trouble.

So I guess this is the end to the Fishman Island arc. In many ways, it really wasn’t what I expected. Something I heard from quite a few people is that this was never supposed to be a big game-changing storyline like the last few have been. The thing it reminded me of most was actually the Drum Island arc where Chopper was introduced. There was a good deal of tension and an interesting backstory, but the actual enemies weren’t all that impressive. I think Luffy had more difficulty with the weather than the actual fight against Wapol, which is kind of like how Hody was only challenging because of the water. In both cases, I think the main purpose of the arc was buildup for what’s to come. Plus the Drum Island arc was meant to introduce a new member of the crew, and the Fishman Island arc… Read the rest of this entry