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10,000 Page Views! Most Views in One Day!

Don’t ask me how it happened, but the website suddenly hit two milestones at once! I was waiting for the site to reach 10,000 views, and it was by chance that the Negima finale post came out when it did. Actually, that post didn’t have as many hits as I might have thought, so the large traffic that day was still mildly confusing. Not that I’m complaining, since it’s always good to see people viewing my old work. Read the rest of this entry

Six Month Anniversary (and more random pictures)

It’s been getting more and more difficult to think of what to write for these milestone posts. I remember feal87 saying that once I’m six months old, I’m past the zone where new blogs stop updating prematurely. At the time, six months felt like a long way away. Well now that I’m here, the question remains as to how I still feel about blogging. The truth is that I think it’s gotten much more interesting as I’ve started talking to other bloggers. I wonder if part of the reason some people have trouble starting up blogs is because they can’t imagine anyone who would read their posts, because as I’ve gotten closer to people through Skype and the SCCSAV, it has been easier to write what I think. Read the rest of this entry

The First Month – Status Update

It felt a little strange, at first, to create my own blog. I actually started out on a communal anime/manga blog, ANiSPOT, and was there for a while before everyone else just sort of moved on (or, in one memorable case, started their own blog). After that, I just didn’t think of blogging again for a while. In fact, the original reason I made this website was just to keep the video reviews where people could see. But I’m really glad I started writing again. I really do enjoy discussing the different manga I read, and I also enjoy reading the comments I’ve been getting. Plus, if I didn’t start this blog up, I might never have found some of the other great blogs I’ve read.

After a month, I thought I would have gotten a bit tired of this, but I really haven’t. Actually, it’s only gotten easier over time. And 11 posts in one month is a good number, I think. There’s still quite a few things I still want to do, and some series I’d still like to discuss. That’s one of the big reasons for this post – I haven’t really spoken about what I have planned.

First off, the next video review IS coming. I have most of the audio recorded, and there’s just some of the on-camera segments I have to work out. I may end up having to rewrite one scene, because I’m not sure if what I originally had is appropriate enough. The good news is that I’m feeling a lot better about this episode so far. The last one actually became a featured video at Desu Des Brigade, so I have good reason to think I’m better than I think I am.

Then there’s the chapter discussions, and something I’ve been meaning to do is to review entire story arcs at once, after they finish. I wanted to do this for the Magic World arc from Mahou Sensei Negima, and possibly the S-Class Exam Arc from Fairy Tail when it finishes, among others. I did something like this for the flashback from Kenichi, and I’m likely going to try it with the recent flashback from Dengeki Daisy, but doing a several chapter story is different from doing an entire arc. Likely, it will be around the same length as the anime previews, which is quite a bit more work.

I’m also planning on the preview for Persona 4: The Animation. I’ll be using both the game and the official manga for this one, since I’d like to see for myself how the show could possibly work, and it’s a hard thing to picture without using the manga as a base.

I guess that’s mostly it. I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read my articles, even if you’re not the type who normally reads manga. I’m hoping things will get even better from here.