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Kimi ni Todoke – Review

What better series to review for Halloween?

I was wondering whether to keep the “Mary Sue” section or not, but I figured it should be addressed, if only a little. The original version was longer and more in-depth, but it didn’t need to be too long to get the point across.

Hey, I actually made a video in 2 weeks. Sadly, the next one will probably take a bit longer, as school takes priority for a while. I’ll still try to work on it when I can, but I can’t make any promise on the release date.

Kimi ni Todoke – Chapter 61



Ayane was always something of an oddball in this series. I always thought she belonged in a manga like NANA, or some other josei, rather than here. Not that I’m complaining about her presence, but a girl who has such an easy time going out with people makes for an odd contrast to Sawako and Chizuru. It wasn’t until two chapters ago that she really started to make sense: having such an easy time finding someone makes it so much harder to care about them. But now that she’s admitted that, I have to wonder where, exactly, her story goes from here. Read the rest of this entry

Kimi ni Todoke – Chapter 60


Don't worry, she's kidding.

There’s only so long you can stay completely innocent for. You don’t have to become a worse person, but eventually, you do have to grow some maturity. Having been a Kimi ni Todoke fan for some time now, I’ve started to notice certain changes have been occurring in the series. Things have slowly been getting more dramatic and sad, and while the cuteness of the beginning is still around, it hasn’t been quite as grandiose. Even the humour has been getting more mature, as you can plainly see. I thought it was strange at first when Kazehaya’s little brother lamented that Sawako’s boobs weren’t bigger, but somehow that stopped being strange over time. It’s as though the series has started to show its age, and everyone in it has followed suit.

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