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Winter Status Update

I’ve heard a few people talking about what they’ll be doing for the next few weeks. Some people are working on the 12 Days of Christmas posts, which does sound interesting. Some of us, however, have a little too much on our plates at the moment with exams and things. Sadly, the next few weeks are not going to be easy ones for me, as I’ve got not only exams, but the last few assignments for my classes, and then I literally have to fly out two hours after my last test. Not a lot of breathing room in there.

So I wanted to officially state right now that most of my larger blog posts are going to be on hold for the time being. I was working on two specifically – a first impression of Nisekoi and an entry about getting started with manga – and I’ve decided to save these until after my exams are over. The last day of exams are the 19th, so I should get back to work on them soon after that. The regular blog posts are also going to slow down. This doesn’t mean they’ll stop completely, as I should have a post about the latest One Piece chapter in a day or two, but other than that I’ll only post something if it’s part of some major event of the series, or something that is not likely to come up again. The obvious exception is the time directly before the exams, where I’ll be lucky to get anything done here at all. Read the rest of this entry