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Kimi ni Todoke – Chapter 62


I wish I could make this funny. I really do.

I think I can understand where Chizuru is coming from. The more I read about her and her history with Ryuu, the more complicated it seems to get, but somewhere in that complexity they became much easier to relate to. At the start, they were part of a much simpler triangle relationship, and you might have expected that to be where their development was focused, but that wasn’t the case. What really matters with they two of them – and what makes them so understandable – is their long friendship. Most of us have people like Ryu, who have been there for us as long as we can remember and who we’d never want to let go of, but who we would never think of in a romantic light. There’s something that can be very alien about thinking of romantic love where it should never be. Read the rest of this entry