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Current Manga Rankings – 2011 – Part 2

15. Rosario + Vampire II

What a long, awkward trip it’s been. I remember back when I started this manga and it was just another boring harem series with various random monsters to fight. Since then it’s grown up into a surprisingly well done series about the relationships the previous series began, and it manages to provide a good amount of depth to what were previously uninteresting characters. It even manages to make the action more interesting, since it’s no longer just Inner Moka stomping on everyone. I’ve actually started looking forward to the newest chapters, which I would never have expected at first. Read the rest of this entry

Toriko – Chapter 162


I tried working out the odds of winning in my head. Needed SO much Advil afterwards.

I’ve been gambling a few times, and I have a vague understanding of how it works. One of the key things to remember is that casinos are meant to award a long-term profit to the casino itself, rather than the gamblers, so any game where someone has an advantage over the casino would usually never work. Of course you can have an advantage over the other players in some games, but never over the casino itself. That’s what I found odd about the way the Gourmet Casino operates. I was expecting Coco to pull out some huge winnings, but I thought he’d do it in the card games. Someone as stoic has him would do well in a game of poker, after all. Instead, he used his ludicrous eyesight to get an equally ludicrous payout on the above slot machine.

I had a great deal of trouble accepting that Coco could win that much money. It may sound strange, considering that we’re talking about a 100 wheel slot machine where the tokens are edible, but I didn’t find the way the casino operates to be very realistic. I was able to look past that, though, when a thought occurred to me: why would a series aimed mainly at people under 18 attempt to portray gambling realistically? Read the rest of this entry