12 Days of Christmas – Day 2 – Long Live The King

When watching an adaptation of one of your favourite works, you’re always nervous about how it will handle all the most memorable scenes. Sometimes the show can do the original justice, sometimes the Disgaea anime happens. Going into Persona 4 The Animation, the scene I was most looking forward to was the King’s Game, being originally one of the funniest moments from the game. Of course it wouldn’t take too much effort to screw it up by accident, so it was also the scene that scared me the most. Luckily the show managed to take this event and make it even funnier, and it’s very interesting how they managed it.

Yu Narukami as a character is a shining example of how you can create something from nothing. He was never supposed to be an expressive person, having all his lines supplied by the player and everything. So the anime decided that they could have him do pretty much anything they wanted, and the result was behaviour like this. It’s not just the idea of a stoic character getting drunk and making a fool of himself, though that is hilarious. You get the feeling that Yu is drinking just because he wants to act like a total casanova and get away with it. That’s what separates him from characters like Yosuke, who always try to attract women and fail. I don’t often support harem endings, but if Persona 4 ever wanted to have one, I think I would have been okay with that. Only a character like this could accomplish something like that.

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  1. Ah, the episode of episodes ^^

    I often didn’t get the voiceless character archetype when playing video games, but seems pretty flexible if they turn out anything like Yu. Can’t wait to see how the Persona 3 and Devil Survivor 2 adaptions turn out.

    • It’s hard to say how they’ll end up, but anything is certainly better than just having a lead who never speaks or does anything of note.

      I was surprised to hear about the Devil Survivor adaptation. I hear it’s based kinda heavily on Evangelion, and I don’t know if animating it will just make that more apparent.

      • True. Directors did an admirable job with making Yu unique in some sense. Although, P4 seems more lighted hearted to me, thus making it easier to mold Yu’s personality to the events. P3’s protagonist…now I see that as a challenge to make work.

        I heard about DSurvivor via the megatan wiki. However, the animation is for the second game, but still has a fair amount of biblical references (such as the seven day thing referring to creation of the world). So it will probably be less apparent and for the fanservice of its production than anything else.

        Here is the animation official website: http://ds2a.jp/

  2. Oh god, I missed the good old times of Persona 4, waiting every single week to know more about the culprit. *cries*

    Yu Narukami was really a good character indeed my friend! 🙂

  3. I’ve seen a lot of scenes on Youtube and they are pretty dang funny. That’s a better way to get the good stuff of the series instead of watching whole of it, right?

  4. I can’t remember the exact quote now but there was one quote by Igor in the game that I really liked. “You are like a number 0, a blank state, yet possesses infinite possibilities.”

    That quote could apply to most other silent protagonists. The advantage these characters have when they are adapted into anime is the adaptability of their personality. Of cause, you can’t just dump him with so many personalities; that’s why I like Yu, he’s constantly changing, but the changes doesn’t seem out of the blue, and is one thing I give praise to the anime.

    • It can be tricky to tell just what he’s thinking most of the time, which I think helps him be more dynamic since he can perform much crazier antics and get away with them.

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