12 Days of Christmas – Day 1 – Standing Committee for the Really Long Name

Hello and welcome to my 12 Days of Christmas series. For those who are unaware, there is something of a tradition among ani-bloggers to compose a list of 12 of their favourite moments, events or general experiences from the year as a series of posts around Christmas. I never got to do this last year because I was too busy with finals and everything, but I told myself I would try and participate this year if I could. Of course right now I have not only exams, but a 3-4 day period with no Internet, a show to marathon and review for Anime Secret Santa, and there’s a slight chance we’ll all be killed on the 21st by an apocalypse of some kind. But screw it, I’m gonna do it anyway!

I decided to start these posts from the very beginning. I remember it was January 4th that I joined with the Standing Committee for the Coordination of Simultaneous Anime Viewing, or SOS Brigade SCCSAV for short, which is a society dedicated to allowing group watches of anime over Skype. A noble cause if ever there was one. At the time the only real experience I had with group watches were my old anime club and watching Kino’s Journey with my cousin. Ironically, the main factor that made me want to join the group was the 12 Days posts from last year. Everyone liked to talk about how much of a good time they had hanging around together, so I felt it was something fun to join in on.

The experience has been a very positive one. Thanks to this group, I’ve gotten to chat with a whole range of interesting people about anime and other hilarious stuff. Without you guys, I might never have gotten to see Dennou Coil or Simoun or Aquarian EVOL, among so many others. Also the second half of Guilty Crown, but I’m willing to overlook that. I’m really starting to learn how much better the experience of watching a show can be when there are other people around, even if they aren’t sitting right next to you. I will admit that I’m not the most talkative person in these sessions, but I have still been listening to everyone as best as I can. I can even say it’s thanks to talking with Kevo that I got interested in Girls und Panzer, even if we haven’t been physically watching it. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the SCCSAV has helped me better connect with the anime community, and for that I’m very thankful.

Though I probably won’t be joining the Terribad watches anytime soon. No offense, but I only get up early on Saturdays for the best of shows.

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  1. Yep, SCCSAV live watches have been great fun, even though I work a schedule that prevents me from attending many of the most prominent live watches. Even if Shonen Saturday Night alone were all I did, though, it would still be great.

  2. Glad to hear you got around to watching Dennou Coil. Ranks #1 on my favorites list. I am almost done re-watching Simoun this week.

    I have not heard of SCCSAV, but sounds like a blast. Though with my schedule as it is (and apprehension of using Skype), I have to stick to the old solitary route. What is considered Terribad?

    • I still need to finish Simoun, since the group for that kinda got too busy to continue on. It was pretty good from what I saw.

      Terribad is the stuff people watch purely for the badness of it. Apocalypse Zero, Mad Bull, the recent episode of SAO. That kind of stuff.

      • It is a pretty solid anime even with its yuri undertones. It is very story focused, so it makes watching it a bit smoother than expected. My rewatch would of been done by now if I wasn’t derailed by other series.

        Lol, I haven’t heard of any of those shows and probably for good reason. Think I will skip on the horrible stuff unless I find it myself XD

  3. I finally have Simoun right where I want it. I really should get to watching that anime eventually, as I hear it’s pretty good. Then again, the only reason I found out about it was because of its soundtrack. Is it as epic as I think it is?

    • I always found the soundtrack from Simoun to take away from a lot of the scenes. It never really fits when it should. But the rest of the show is definitely still good to watch.

  4. I believe I had never join a live watch before, and with such inflexible schedule, it will have to wait until my life gets less hectic D:

    I missed the secret Santa anime review this year too! I saw the post last year (though too late) and promised myself I would do it this year, but I kinda.. forgot.

    • Bad schedules can be the worst. Just now I had to drop out of two live watches because of finals and vacation, so I know how frustrating that can be. I also still have to finish my Secret Santa anime in only a couple days, so that’s gonna be tough as well.

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