Toriko – In Which Four Guys Want to Cook and Eat a Godzilla Sized Creature

Toriko 206

Yes, we now have a Spirit Bomb. Made of appetite.

If there’s one thing Toriko knows how to do better than any other series, it’s how to create a sense of scale. I see other manga talk about big stuff, whether it be creatures, places, or just a massive world in general. But Toriko knows how to make things truly feel gigantic. It sends the characters against colossal ruins or monsters the size of the average city to make them overcome what feels like insurmountable hurdles.

This chapter took that to a whole new level. It’s one thing to face gigantic obstacles, but the difficult part is how you get across the protagonists not simply meeting them, but surpassing them. In their own way, they’ve become something grander than the creature that used to tower over them. So the question is how to convey that climactic moment with all the grandeur it deserves?

Toriko 206

Toriko 206

That’s how.

At first I admittedly disapproved of the series introducing anything that resembles ki attacks, but it’s restricted enough that it most likely won’t become a big deal anytime soon. Even in their powered up state, it takes special preparations to create one of these attacks and all four main characters are needed. It’s hard enough getting Zebra to cooperate as it is, so relying on that for victory is a bad idea. I do like how it shows everyone finally working together, but one of these attacks every couple of arcs is the most they should aim for.

I know I say this around the end of every arc, but Toriko keeps finding new ways to impress me. It shows how much it clearly loves the themes that embody the series when it can use them in so many effective ways. This devotion comes across in both the actions of the characters and in how those actions are depicted. I remember how early on, the art was so much sketchier and wilder, and while things should have felt more realistic as the art improved, they also reached the point where imagery like this can be used effectively. I still don’t know how the four kings can eat a creature that size, but I know Toriko can portray that well. It’s gotten enough practice over the years, after all.

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  1. oh gosh , finally someone else who reads/watch toriko…

    the last few panel really is creepy.. with the monster looking like it can devour anything but the demonic aura in the 4 kings out-monstered the monster… cant wait to see if all 4 of them and their pets powering up after eating …

    starjun pretty much is too far ahead for those 4 to catch at this point..

    • It would be interesting to see how the pets respond to eating the meat of the Four Beast. Usually we just get to see bizarre reactions from the human characters, but having Terry and Quinn reacting similarly would be comedic gold.

      • I like it how even the pets are a remarkable mirror of the masters… Zebra being a loner doesn’t have one.. which is awesome. Zebra has gotta be my favourite so far .. Coco and sani really are just side characters, sadly.

        how long do you think Toriko will run?

  2. What a grotesque scene, but still awesome nonetheless. Most shounen, and especially ones like these always present things in large scale, whether it be a large world, or destruction, etc.. And in Toriko’s own style, it presents it’s ultra large scale.. appetite.

    • A lot of Toriko is grotesque, and it only seems to get more so the higher in the food chain we get. That grand appetite is a much stronger weapon against opponents like this than it might look at first.

  3. That looks cool. Just wondering how strong they have gotten in the manga. I only watch the anime, so I know nothing about the manga. It’s a good show and i’m kind of sad that not many watch this.

    • There’s been at least one decent-sized training arc since the point where the anime is at, so the characters are all a lot stronger now.

      I’m glad the series is so popular over in Japan, but it does feel a little too shonen-y for most people I know online. At least for most of the anime viewers.

  4. And then sudden the energy ball eats the fucking monster. Just… awesome!

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