Nisekoi – All The Planning In The World…

…can’t beat the impact of a single spontaneous comment.

Nisekoi 27

The perfect thing to ask on Kirisaki’s birthday.

So, that happened. I love how completely casually this series can reveal important plot points to other characters, like back when Onodera and Ruri were told about the fake relationship. I still never expected anything on this level, because even with that history, there was never anything in this chapter to indicate any kind of confession was coming. It’s just something they decided to share all of a sudden. 

Even with this revelation, I don’t think things are going to get resolved quite yet. With the number of different childhood promises that have happened, there’s no telling what the actual truth is, even if these two so firmly believe in their own meeting. I’ve actually heard a few people saying that Onodera is “lying”, but I wouldn’t go that far. For all we know, Ichijou and Onodera really did make a promise ten years ago, or else Ichijou made more than one. There’s still enough in the air that this hardly feels like any sort of climax. Besides, there’s still the issue of the two warring families, which I suspect is being kept in the sidelines for now so that it can be sprung on the characters when it’s most dramatically appropriate. Like when two characters are about to kiss or something.

Nisekoi 27

Huh. You know, I thought I would have more to say about an event like this. We were all waiting for it to be revealed, but somehow I have difficulty coming up with words. Maybe I’m still in disbelief, or maybe I’ve seen enough dragged out confessions to know that this probably won’t be the end I was expecting. If one of these two attempts to back out of the confession next chapter, I wouldn’t be shocked. I can see it now, with Ichijou’s hand on the back of his head while he nervously talks about how much he likes Kirisaki. I’ll probably have other things to say after one or two more chapters, but for now I suppose I’m happy if we can make any progress at all.

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  1. I’m a bit shock to have anything to say. Everything is happening so fast. I wasn’t expecting this to happen so quickly

  2. I slept better thinking that Onodera made a promise with a different boy, but now I dunno. If anything I think that “confession” is the most solid lead they have right now for who made a promise to whom. I’ll still root for Kirisaki though.

  3. You know, i honestly hope this leads to the giant war scene from the one shot. That and the fight with Claude, which i imagine won’t happen until the end of the series. The biggest problems i have with the series right now are honestly that the warring factions, which was a cool twist to give the main characters, has been pushed pretty far into the background, and Claude has really become a villain out of a smurfs episode.

    Well the only other thing i can say is I KNEW IT!

    • That war scene has to happen at some point. There’s no good reason for it not to happen. And oh God, you made me remember the onsen scene.

      • lol watch, your going to read Claudes lines from that scene in Gargamel’s voice from now on. I have cursed you with this =) The worst part is it fits. it fits really well.

  4. wow i never thought that both girls might have made a promise to him. nice one 😀 i find it more easier to believe that she simply thinks that he was the one she made a promise too and mistook him for someone else… but i’d rather have your explanation. 🙂

  5. 2 bucks Ichijou was (unintentionally) a playboy when he was younger. May I go against the grain here and hope that he ends up with Onodera? Lol screw the oneshot and let Ichijou *not* get the obvious end. I hope the succeeding chapters of this contribute to that.

    • JUST when he was younger?

      I wouldn’t be upset with Onodera, but I’m placing my bets on Kirisaki simply because she seems like the choice with the best growth.

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