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Princess Jellyfish – The Sound of a Million Squees

Princess Jellyfish 47

Team Inari got their third X when they guessed “A Bath”.

This is one of those events you don’t expect, but always silently hope for. The relationship between Tsukimi and Shuu has always been one of those awkward ones, although it’s hard to say how close they actually want to be. Both of them have far too many boundaries for their getting together to be in any way simple. Keep in mind that Shuu has been mostly single his whole life, and changing that kind of closed off mindset can’t be easy. This hasn’t stopped Hanamori from deciding for himself that the two of them should start going out, which would feel very intrusive if it wasn’t so amazing to hear. In spite of all their problems with closeness, I think getting to go out should be good for the two of them. Read the rest of this entry

Your Ideal Anime/Manga Cast

I don’t feel the need to explain exactly how stock characters work, because they’re so omnipresent all throughout fiction. It’s almost impossible to write a character without it falling into quite a few major archetypes. However, despite how familiar many of us are to certain stock characters, we can all name some series in which they work much better than others. Maybe it’s some subtle changes, or maybe just better writing, but for whatever reason some of these characters just manage to work where others might not. So I thought about it, and I decided to find out what kind of characters work the best.

But of course this isn’t the sort of project I can do by myself. I know so many people who have their own favourite characters and their own thoughts on why those characters work. Everyone gets to select whichever archetypes or characters they feel belong in their ideal series and write about how they work. I could mention quite a few myself, but I think it’s best to start off simpler, so I’ll be going by the TvTropes definitions of the Five Man Band and the Big Bad. Read the rest of this entry

Claymore – And Everyone Lived Happily Ever After

Claymore 126

“It’s against our laws to kill humans, so maybe I should have explained this first.”

Some of you have probably heard the rumours about Claymore coming to a rather abrupt end. I personally heard it from a tweet by Shonen Beam while I was halfway through the chapter, so there was slightly less surprise then there probably should have been. I understand that this isn’t the actual end of the story and it will be continuing on in a different magazine. Whatever happened, it’s still a lot for readers to suddenly find out at the last possible second. I would have expected some sort of warning from one of the many anime news websites that are out there, or at least for the little “Claymore – End” note to also include “See You In Whatever Other Magazine”. Read the rest of this entry

Blue Exorcist – Learn To Control Your Flames

Blue Exorcist 35

Is anyone actually paying attention?

This may be an ironic thing to discuss, considering his fighting style, but I really think Rin needs to stop getting so fired up at every little thing. It’s usually traditional to have your protagonist be rather hot-headed compared to everyone around them, and usually that sort of thing didn’t annoy me. It’s just one of those things you get used to after your tenth shonen action series. With Okumura Rin, it’s very different because of the situation he’s in. The job of an Exorcist is the sort of thing that’s much more strict and focused than your average team of heroes, so it becomes clear that his style of action doesn’t fit in properly. Read the rest of this entry