The World God Only Knows – What if God Was One of Us?

The Goddess arc has been going on for so long now that it’s hard to imagine The World God Only Knows doing anything else at this point. I think it had been going on for over a year at the point when I got caught up with the manga, so I can only imagine how this ending must feel for those who have been with it since the beginning. There was quite a bit of talk about whether the series would even keep going after this storyline was finished, and while I believed it would, I had that same doubt in my mind too.

The way the arc ended was nothing short of heartbreaking. I was hoping for something good to happen between Keima and Chihiro since she confessed to him, because Chihiro really isn’t like the other girls and never was. She was one of the few people who fell in love with Keima for who he was, and he just wasn’t in a position to return her feelings. In spite of what I would like to see, this ending makes it clear to me that we aren’t going to see them together, no matter how long the series goes on. This ending was meant to be just that – the ending of their story together. It wouldn’t have been called the tale of their first love if it was meant to continue after this. And I think I’m okay with that, because as much as I hate seeing them so upset, this feels like the right way to end things off.

With this conclusion comes the promise of other stories, and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of what’s going to happen now. Can we really go back to the episodic captures after this massive arc? I not only think we can, but we most likely have to. The reason the Goddess arc worked is because it could use the existing cast in a new way, and doing all this again would involve repeating the same style and/or attempting to capture the same girls a third time, which does not feel like something The World God Only Knows would do. Besides, the more we look at the captures prior to this arc, the more possible returning to them seems. Nanaka’s arc was as much about existing character Diana as it was about the capture, Hinoki both used existing characters and had Vintage interfering, and Akari’s tied directly into the story of the Runaway Spirit Squad. There have been enough changes in both the world and in Keima himself that finding new ways to show the capturing should be easy.

It’s nearly impossible to tell what path the story will take as time goes on or what the new girls might be like. Even if I had knowledge of dating sims it would be difficult to make any predictions. I’m going to make two right here, though, with one somewhat likely and the other not. The first is that the next capture we get will be focused on getting Keima out of his depressed state and back into being the Capturing God we all know. The second, which I’m basing not on any facts but because I just want to see it really bad, is that Keima will eventually have to capture Lune. Come on, that would be a great capture and you know it. The Goddess Arc was great to read, but it’s going to be refreshing to get back to the roots of this manga.

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  1. I think it is a good thing that you can’t say where it will go now. The element of surprise is a wonderful thing. Not knowing a single thing about a book (or an anime or film, for that matter) aside from the basic premise is one of the best feelings you can have, and it’s even more rewarding when the book is good. I have faith in Wakiki that he will concoct something nice.
    The interesting thing now will be how the goddesses, their hosts as well as Chihiro will tie in to the story.
    And maybe, the character we’ve been waiting for since chapter 2 will appear: Elsie’s sister.

    • I totally forgot about Elsie’s sister until I went back to get pics for the review I did. With any luck, we’ll be seeing her and the other goddesses fairly often soon.

  2. The latest chapter left me so… so bloody sad for chihiro and keima. im also still hoping for a turn of events thatll make things better for the both of em. like some kind of epic realization for keima to arise and do something encouraging. though I don’t deny the pain he’s going through. it’s amazing he even got that far. The author had wonderful conclusions before… even if this ends like this ill be happy to read the continuation. 😀

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  4. Please make a 3rd anime season of “The World God Only Knows” , i really love this show/manga and I’d really appreciate it if you made 3rd season. This would probably the best anime i have ever watched in my life. so please make a third season.

  5. Meh. i’ll drop in a late comment here, mostly because I just finished marathoning the manga and just felt like I needed to let out my own thoughts on the conclusion to the arc.

    Overall, it was amazingly done. Very heartfelt and moving- something I never really expected to say about the series. The series had some interesting and emotional commentary about life that was fun to read, but none of it really hit me personally until that scene.

    I think that part is of it is just that Chihiro is one of my favorite characters. She’s like Keima- she doesn’t really get what her place is in the real world yet. She tried all these ways to fit in, but she never really put in all her effort, because she wasn’t sure that it was what she really wanted to do. But what I really liked and respected about her was that unlike Keima, she was always trying. She just kept pushing and pushing and with a little motivation, it finally started to work out for her. She found something that she genuinely loved doing (singing), and with it was able to get even closer to her friends and make a couple new ones. Honestly, the Chihiro at the beginning of her capture arc and the Chihiro at the end of the Goddess arc are just completely different people.

    And honestly, while I kind of had suspected she had a thing for Keima, I had never really gotten why she kept continually pursuing all the other guys the way she did. It wasn’t really until she actually confessed that she’d loved him since April that I really felt like I understood- more than anything, she was just scared. She felt like she and Keima were just on parallel tracks in life, going about things in a completely different way and never being able to truly connect because of it. And so to me, her whole world essentially collapsing around her as she sees that she’s right through circumstances completely out of her control… stings. That final shot with nothing but her crying was just a fantastic capping on a powerful arc for the character.

    And on Keima’s end, it really felt like Chihiro was the only person who could get to him (as he admitted), because on some level he did connect with her without realizing it. It’s hard to read Keima- in his dealings with the real world, he pretty much always sticks with a professional attitude. He’ll help others from time to time and show slight emotion, but you can kind of tell that he always has his shield up, to keep anything from really getting to him.

    Which, to me, is what made the panels of him just sitting there sadly so powerful. Because for the first time, the mask really comes off. You can tell that he actually finally gets what he’s doing to other people, and what it is that his actions mean. I honestly don’t recall a single time I’ve seen him actually sad in the entire manga- and I don’t mean exaggerated depression, frustration, etc. but legitimate, emotional, sadness. And again, that last scene of him apologizing is fantastic. Because Keima never apologizes. Ever. In the end, he pretty much always seems to believe that he’s doing the right thing, regardless of the consequences or who might end up getting hurt. And this is really the first time that he’s had to pay for it; that he’s had to realize that unlike in games you can work as hard as you can, do everything that you think is right, and still not get a happy ending.

    Overall, I really hope that while we see more of Chihiro (while that major subplot of her’s is finished, she’s just so intertwined with the plot and connected with so many of the characters at this point, that it will be incredibly artificial if the author just writes her out.) but I also hope that that ending is the end. I really do feel like this is the way it should be, and will definitely be interested in seeing how the characters move on- particularly Keima. Chihiro will probably be fine: she’ll just keep living. It’s what she’s always done when she gets hurt, even if this time hit a lot closer to home than ever before. But that’s what she does- she just pushes forward and find a new path. She has her new love, she has her friends.

    It’s really hard to tell if it’ll do much to Keima, though. The amount of emotion we’ve already seen from him might be as much as one is going to get, because it was really quite a lot. It will be interesting to actually try and see him try to return to normality with this hanging over his head though. I’m not sure he can.

    Given that the plot is in full gear, I’m not sure that we’ll ever really see the story get “back to its roots”, honestly. I’m expecting the plot to just keep rolling the way it has up to the conclusion, and the fact that we get a new unique arc right at the heels of the Goddess arc backs up that interpretation.. That said, I do hope that things stabilize to the point where we just get a bit of closure there between the two of them- even if the communication is purely silent, it would be nice to see some kind of satisfying wrap-up.

    … wow that was long.

    • Thanks, I haven’t seen a comment this long in a while.

      I would like to see Chihiro come back at some point, but I agree that her relationship with Keima is effectively over. I’m sure she’ll be able to move past this, and getting to see that for ourselves would be the only way to follow everything she’s been through already. This arc made her one of my favourite characters of the manga, so any opportunity to see her again would be welcome.

      • Heh, thanks. I’m shocked you’d SEEN a comment that long before, honestly. Looking at it now, I’m amazed that I had that much to say. And little to say here except that I pretty much completely agree (aside from the fact that I’d thought Chihiro was awesome since her capture arc- I found it a really nice change of pace, and her problem one I could really relate to). We need to see her again if only to bring complete closure to her character, so I’m really curious to see when and how that will happen.

        Anyway, really appreciate the response. Cheers. ^^

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