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Status Update / Aniblog Tourney

Ika Musume 172

Don't follow Eiko's example: put schoolwork first!

Well, it’s that time of year again. In a few weeks I’ll have to write my finals. It’s been a rather annoying semester, and I really need to put some work into some of the remaining assignments I have before then. Lab writeups suck.

What does this mean for the website? It’s hard to say, since I’ve grown into a habit of doing schoolwork during the day and working on posts at night. Aside from the actual week of finals, it’s entirely possible the amount of posts might go relatively unchanged. I’m not sure if that says more about my overall productivity or my regular update schedule. Read the rest of this entry

Rosario + Vampire – Can We Panic Now?

Rosario + Vampire 52

The top half of this page was done with silhouettes. It was still too disturbing to show.


Five minutes after reading those last few pages, I realized I had completely forgotten everything else that happened in this chapter during that time. See, I always considered Rosario + Vampire a series that has steadily grown up over time. It started off silly and formulaic, and then became the mature, complex series it is now. However, at no point in that growth did it ever feel like a series that would bisect a main character. We’ve seen some freaky things in this manga, but nothing on this level. Not even the first time Akuha did this, since it was a flashback and the character was tough enough to survive. Read the rest of this entry

A Certain Scientific Railgun – Hitting Where It Hurts

Railgun 48

Kuroko can be very cruel when she wants to be.

“Not Recommended: Anyone who found Shirai Kuroko frustrating”


This is one of those moments you think might happen, but you doubt it actually will for whatever reason. Having Kuroko and the others lose their memories of Misaka is the sort of thing you would expect to have more buildup than this. They were just walking around and click, memories gone. I didn’t think it was possible, but the current Queen of Tokiwodai has become less likable than the former Queen of Karuta. Read the rest of this entry