A Certain Scientific Railgun – Hitting Where It Hurts

Railgun 48

Kuroko can be very cruel when she wants to be.

“Not Recommended: Anyone who found Shirai Kuroko frustrating”


This is one of those moments you think might happen, but you doubt it actually will for whatever reason. Having Kuroko and the others lose their memories of Misaka is the sort of thing you would expect to have more buildup than this. They were just walking around and click, memories gone. I didn’t think it was possible, but the current Queen of Tokiwodai has become less likable than the former Queen of Karuta.

What bothers me a little about the Queen is that she’s put a lot of effort into screwing with Misaka for what currently seems to be shits and giggles. It was bad enough when she arranged for one of the Sisters to be shipped away for god only knows what purpose. With just that and her attempt to keep Misaka monitored, it felt like she had some sort of greater goal in mind. Going after Misaka’s friends like this, though, sends her right off the deep end into “annoying bitch” territory. If any other goal was her primary concern, she would have given them the subconscious command to fetch her obscure flavours of ice cream bars all day. Or something.

What makes this development all the more confusing is the point I was going to blog about before this development happened. For those who haven’t been reading, the story is currently in the middle of the Daihaseisai arc, which was originally shown in the second season of Index. Here’s the thing, though: in that story arc, there was no evidence of Kuroko having lost her memory. In fact, there’s quite a few scenes from that arc that show that Kuroko definitely remembers Misaka. The implication seems to be that their memories will return very quickly, or else this story arc will only cover the beginning of the Daihaseisai.

There’s one other thing this twist makes me think of. We’ve never seen the exact moment Misaka and Kuroko met, or at least I don’t remember that moment. I just always imagined them meeting up in their dorm for the first time and Kuroko instantly falling in love. Maybe there’s something very specific that the Queen can do to get around this, but I would imagine that if you took away Kuroko’s memories, she would just fall in love at first sight again. This attitude seems far too pushy for someone like her, and while I’m sure the complete 180 is meant to be comedic, it still raises a lot of questions.

I hope that things are gonna start improving soon, because everything and everyone seem to be conspiring against Misaka and I can’t see it getting worse than this. I guess that’s the price when your enemy can mind control everyone except you and your not-boyfriend, and the later has his own canon to deal with. If Misaka is immune to the mind control, she could possible be able to restore others, but if not we may be looking at a much smaller cast for this adventure. I suppose if all this means we get a return of Terrorist Misaka, it would be worth the trouble, but until then I’ll just have to sit back and picture what kind of electric torture the Queen has in store. In a totally non-sexual way, of course.

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  1. Every time I see this series name, I think to myself,

    “Come on, dude, be more specific! Which scientific railgun? And are there any, like, spiritualist railguns that I’m unaware of?”

  2. You had me until the last sentence.

  3. I’m reading this series from a lot of time and its really an awesome series. Didn’t read in detail as I’m not following the latest chapters though (I’m still bound to old good volumes…:D)

  4. tsurugiarashix

    Still reading new testament of the toaru no index series. I am slightly behind in reading up on raligun, but will get to it when the chance arises. Still hoping for another season, but the directors said they had nothing planned, since the movie for index was announced.

  5. I think that Touma’s Daihaseisai Arc is over at this point in time. If I recall correctly, the entire Croce de Pietro incident happened at the first few days of Daihaseisai. There’s still plenty of time for Kuroko to regain her memory.

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