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One Piece 658

Almost makes you wonder how bad their aim has to be.

As readers of manga, or whatever your chosen hobby is, we all have a habit of trying to out-predict the creator. Our minds wander and we wonder what will happen next, even if we know next to nothing about the event we’re thinking of. Like everyone else, this happens to me all the time, although it varies a lot depending on the series. The one I mostly try to predict is Liar Game because I can easily understand the logic that goes into it. With One Piece, on the other hand, I’m actually not as speculative. With all the ridiculous things that happen in this manga, it’s often hard to find the urge to try and guess anything.

A good example is the end of the previous chapter. The reveal that the island that’s half fire and half ice is where Aokiji and Akainu fought is something that should have been SO obvious, but I just couldn’t see it. I suppose a part of it was because I was used to areas like this from Banjo-Tooie, so I didn’t think about it a lot. But that just furthers my point that I’m not used to thinking in the same way as One Piece.

…most of the time.

When I first read this chapter, I was paused on this page for at least a minute grinning like an idiot. The end of this chapter confirmed two different theories I’d had for a while now. The first was that Trafalgar Law was the person responsible for splitting the samurai into several pieces. It was the sort of thing you’d expect from his ability, so I assumed it was the logical conclusion. The second was how one of the Supernovas would become a Shichibukai after the timeskip. Everyone I know assumed the new Shichibukai would be previously established characters, so again it felt like something that would happen.

What does this say about One Piece? I think it says a lot. When it comes to the characters and their actions, no matter how bizarre they may be, there’s always some sort of logic to them if you’re willing to look for it. Characters still behave in rational ways, even if the trains of thought behind the rationality are bizarre. With the world itself, it’s much harder to see the logic. One minute you could be on an island covered in giant trees and soap bubbles, the next you’re surrounded by lightning rain. With all the strangeness there is to the world, I think you can be forgiven for not giving elements of it more than a glance. It’s refreshing to know that deep down, there is a good deal of method to the madness that is One Piece.

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  1. I can totally see you sitting at your computer, grinning like a mad man, checking off an internal list of all the people you guess correctly over.
    “He guessed wrong, She guessed wrong, Walt? Psst Buggy? Completely Wrong.”

    But i completely agree. No matter how bizarre the thought process behind something is, there is still a thought process. Each piece of the one piece story is just a giant jigsaw puzzle that all do fit together, and are fit together with each new chapter.

    • Don’t worry, I don’t gloat THAT much. So far the number of incorrect theories I have heavily outweigh the correct ones.

      It’s very good to see the parts of a series come together, especially when you know the final picture is going to be something great. And with One Piece, you know how good it’ll eventually be.

      • lol but that’s one of the funniest parts of a series like one piece, trying to guess what happens. I proposed one way the series could go while chatting about one piece with a friend some time ago. Basically, Black Beard has been stealing a bunch of Fruit powers, and while stealing a new power, Luffy interrupts him and ends up switching his rubber power for Whitebeards earthquake power.

        It’ll never happen, but tell me your not smiling while thinking of luffy trying to use Gomu Gomu no Pistol, and instead sinking the island with a giant earthquake.

        • I somehow doubt it will end with Luffy losing his Devil Fruit power. If his goal is to become the absolute strongest, I’d prefer he did it with his natural power. That does sound funny, though.

  2. I expected one of the Supernova to be a Sichibukai but I never expected Law would be the one. It didn’t make sense to me why he chose to become a Sichibukai. He saved Luffy. He helped the enemies of Marine to escape. Where does he stand? What does he want?

    Though I agree despite the craziness that is in One Piece, there is always a reason behind every action.

    • It is rather odd that he, of all people, would become a Shichibukai. I looked at the others and thought they looked more like someone who would take this spot.

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