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Six Month Anniversary (and more random pictures)

It’s been getting more and more difficult to think of what to write for these milestone posts. I remember feal87 saying that once I’m six months old, I’m past the zone where new blogs stop updating prematurely. At the time, six months felt like a long way away. Well now that I’m here, the question remains as to how I still feel about blogging. The truth is that I think it’s gotten much more interesting as I’ve started talking to other bloggers. I wonder if part of the reason some people have trouble starting up blogs is because they can’t imagine anyone who would read their posts, because as I’ve gotten closer to people through Skype and the SCCSAV, it has been easier to write what I think. Read the rest of this entry

Yerocha’s Anime Time Management

This was written as a part of Kai’s project to see how different bloggers organize their time.

Managing my time effectively is something I’ve always had trouble with. I was always the type who worked best on a schedule, but I’m bad at creating schedules myself. Or at least I’m bad at sticking to schedules when there’s no real pressure to. This is why I’ve always found it easier when I’m watching shows with other people, like an anime club or the SCCSAV.¬† Read the rest of this entry

Bleach – Have We Mentioned It’s The Final Arc?

Bleach 480

It's not every day you get to jump in and save everyone. Unless you're Ichigo.

I’m sure that by now, everyone has heard the news about Bleach¬†entering its final story arc. If not, then I’m sure this post will come as quite a shock. Until this announcement, it was difficult to tell when the series would actually be ending, but that was partially because everyone thinks it should have ended after Aizen was beaten. The previous story arc felt a lot like filler to quite a few people, which meant even Kubo seemed to be having difficulty coming up with any reason why the story should still be running. This announcement strongly indicates that the time for filler has now passed, because there’s no longer a need to hold the important plot points for later. Read the rest of this entry

Toriko – Return of the Kings

Only in this series could that sound awesome.

Take a close look at that bottom right panel. Those of you who don’t know much about Toriko might just see a bunch of tough guys handing out together. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, for everyone reading the story right now, this chapter has been an interesting one. You see, those four characters are known in this series as the Four Heavenly Kings. They’re meant to be the main group which this manga focuses on. And this is the first time in 174 chapters they’ve all been in the same place together. Read the rest of this entry