Fairy Tail – Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Fairy Tail 272

I'd show the actual conclusion, but I can't bear to look at it again, so here's some fanservice.

I am not an easy person to piss off. It really takes a lot of concentrated effort to get me to hate something. But there is one thing that has always and will always get me angry, and that’s when a series makes it look like it has gotten better, then proving that it hasn’t. The best example of this is actually from this very series a few months ago, when they actually addressed my question of how Lucy’s summon spirits were affected by the timeskip. I was briefly impressed that it actually looked into that…and then they used it as an excuse to cut off the training arc. Dammit, my ideas should never be used for evil. Somehow, though, Fairy Tail has managed to top itself.


Let me start from the beginning, which is several chapters ago. The current tournament arc operates on a point system, rather than being an elimination tournament. This means whoever has the most points at the end wins. The instant I figured this out, I knew how the fights were going to start out: the Fairy Tail guild would lose the first rounds so they could be the underdogs for most of the tournament. It’s the easiest way to build tension, and it seems like what this series would do. That’s why I was mentally cursing when I found out Lucy would be fighting in the first real match. I was positive she would lose somehow, since otherwise that tension would be lost.

The end of last chapter showed that the Raven Tail member was willing to use cheap tactics to win the fight, which is kind of annoying since it shows they need those tactics to be any real threat. Either way, I expected a number of things for this chapter. I thought Lucy might get yelled at and lose. I thought she might stall the match until time runs out. I had a whole strategy worked out where Flare starts torturing Lucy, only to get close enough for Lucy to pull a summoning key behind her back and cut her hair off. That was actually pretty close to the first half of this chapter, although it was Natsu stopping Flare’s attack. This was when Lucy shows off her new skills by performing a new unison attack with Gemini, which I thought was a clever use of their power…and then her magic shuts off. No explanation given yet, it just shuts off.

There is a hole in my wall where my head made contact.

Why would you end the fight that way? There were a hundred different ways you could have had Lucy lose the fight if you wanted that tension, so why pull a Chuck Testa? Deus ex machinas like this are bad enough when they help the heroes, so why would you force in an effect like this without any buildup? Why did the referee declare that she lost when she hadn’t been attacked and clearly hadn’t fallen unconscious? She just fell over after the spell failed, and I don’t think she was on the ground long enough to be counted out. Hell, Flare was lying prone for half the chapter, so why not count her out? Actually, where was the referee before? There has to be some rule against attacking civilians. And I didn’t notice this until the chapter ended, but why did Lucy break out her big spell in the first place? You probably could have punched Flare in the face and beaten her, and you still need to participate in another round later, so why use the secret technique here?

There are so many things wrong with all this, and it’s perfectly clear that it just happened so we can hate the villains more. But when you start the chapter having Flare whipping Lucy, you don’t need much more motivation than that. It’s annoying because Lucy is my favourite character and I like to see her get better, but then shit like this happens and it all feels wasted. Actually, this feels like what happened with Cana last arc, where she attained Fairy Glitter and it did fuck all. Cana never ended up getting a decent fight after that, so what does that say about Lucy?

I was prepared to be disappointed with this chapter, then I was prepared to gush over it, only to end up raging. When I see the audience members dissing the guild, I feel like they’re directly mocking the audience. “Haha, you thought she would win! You thought Fairy Tail could have good writing once in a while! You’re all idiots!!!” I’ve long since passed the point where I found the overall story interesting, and now you’re cutting into the combat too. I almost hope this was Mashima intentionally trolling the readers simply so he can be confused when people slowly stop reading.


I mentioned this on Twitter, but I think I’m gonna hold off on the Fairy Tail video review for now. I’m not in the proper state of mind to discuss it objectively. So I think I’ll actually let you guys decide on the next review. These are the series I think I could do a proper video on right now:

  • Invasion! Squid Girl
  • Toriko
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl
  • Psyren
  • Claymore
  • Rosario + Vampire

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  1. Sigh. You’ve fallen a long way, Mashima… I say, as probably the only guy out there who followed Rave Master from start of publication in the US to its final volumes. I really wish he’d plotted out a… plot for Fairy Tail. Having that larger world and everything going on in it made his LAST series so much better.

    • I never read Rave Master, so I’m not sure what the exact differences are, but there has been a lack of those things in Fairy Tail. The arcs feel very episodic, which is probably not what you want from a shonen manga where the arcs can last a full year.

      • Basically, Rave Master was the author’s big story idea. It was an epic fantasy with a healthy mix of silly elements, good world building, memorable characters, action and drama. My favorite character was Let, the Dragon Man. If you want to know why, go to TV tropes and look up his entry under Crowning Moments of Awesome.

        Fairy Tail, according to the introduction of the first volume, was apparently a relaxation after all that. He just makes it up as he goes along. It started off with no big plan and, as far as I can tell, it’s never developed a big plan. So, whereas Rave Master was building up to something great (the ending chapters were a bit rushed, but still good), Fairy Tail is flailing about until he makes that Rave Master prequel he always wanted to make, or he gets cancelled.

        Incidentally, if you ever watched the Rave Master anime, the manga is worlds better.

  2. Oh, also: I choose Invasion Squid Girl.

  3. I hope your head is okay.

    I admit I’m never really invested in Fairy Tail’s story as I am in One Piece and Naruto so I’m not that pissed off when strange things happened. Still, I think it is a major disappointment when Cana didn’t pull it off with the Fairy Glitter and now this.

    • It’s okay, I’m told I have a thick skull.

      That’s basically how I feel about Bleach. I’m not sure why I feel so strongly about Fairy Tail, but it’s likely that I just want it to succeed, no matter what the odds are.

  4. I’m am so sorry… well i’m not, but still, i think i can disprove your rage, at least for this chapter.

    Lucy’s magic didn’t just disappear as its confirmed by Flare that another mage of Raven’s Tail, Obra, was responsible for he magic failing. This lead me to believe that one of their team members has a magic that allows him to cancel out others magical powers and from a distance. Now, this would have been bullshit to me if i hadn’t been reading Shaman King, where 3 of the hero’s had to fight against similar powers, but naturally there was a trick to beating them here, and if Hiro doesn’t go off the deep end, he won’t make this guy completely OP.

    Also, that attack was pretty big, even with the new magical power they got. So its possible that Lucy, not thinking, put the last of her magical power into the attack. Its not uncommon for the heroes to think that their big attack will hit their opponent, as until recently, they’ve always been victorious when doing so. Plus this whole tournament is a means of measuring a Mages power, not a fighters power, so i’m pretty sure that the reason Flare was never counted as out was because she still had magical power left and could use it even if she was on the ground.

    I’ll be honest, i did like this chapter. Though i can see where the rage comes from, i don’t think this chapter is as bad as you’ve made it out to be. Hell, i actually thought it was a good chapter.

    • oh and i’d love to hear your Toriko review.

    • It just wasn’t where I think this fight should’ve gone. There are better ways to have someone lose in this situation, so I really don’t think this kind of blatant cheating was the way to do it. I’m also still confused why Lucy would pull out her big spell at this point, since it would have been smarter and more cathartic to pull out a physical summon and go Jotaro Kujo on Flare’s face.

      The only silver lining I can see is that Lucy will get another round later, and hopefully that will be during the comeback phase, which means she’ll still get to kick someone’s ass.

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