Bleach – Have We Mentioned It’s The Final Arc?

Bleach 480

It's not every day you get to jump in and save everyone. Unless you're Ichigo.

I’m sure that by now, everyone has heard the news about Bleach entering its final story arc. If not, then I’m sure this post will come as quite a shock. Until this announcement, it was difficult to tell when the series would actually be ending, but that was partially because everyone thinks it should have ended after Aizen was beaten. The previous story arc felt a lot like filler to quite a few people, which meant even Kubo seemed to be having difficulty coming up with any reason why the story should still be running. This announcement strongly indicates that the time for filler has now passed, because there’s no longer a need to hold the important plot points for later.

Mangaka will always have an obligation to keep the story going for as long as possible. After all, more chapters means a higher paycheck for both the creator and the manga company. This kind of thinking was a big part of what led Dragonball to keep producing story arcs even after the Freiza Saga, which at the time felt like the logical conclusion of the story. Announcing the true final part of the series, then, could be thought of as a way to combat this. A writer who thinks they may have to continue the story may end up holding themselves back when it comes to potential story elements, because doing anything too permanent would make things much harder later on.

I have a theory regarding this storyline. All we really have is the title, “The Thousand-Year Blood War”, since not a lot happened in this particular chapter. However, the idea of the series focusing on a war in some way reminds me a little of Shakugan no Shana. That series had three seasons, and each of those had a different focus, with the first centered mainly on action, the second on characterization, and the last was based around a war that had been in the background until then. Now look at Bleach. There have been a couple different storylines, but the style has changed quite a bit in each of them. If the focus is really going to shift to the war against the Hollows, I think we might expect a story like what’s been happening in Shakugan no Shana Final. The full power of the Soul Society will be put to use, the most powerful Hollows will come out of hiding, and we may get some resolution to the state of the balance of souls.

Admittedly, this isn’t the best theory out there. I’ve always been the first to point out that I’m not really qualified to talk about Bleach, since I haven’t really experienced the whole story. What I’m proposing does sound a lot like the Arrancar arc, but I haven’t seen all of it, so it’s hard to be sure. I just thought that as a Bleach reader in general, I should share what I think about the current state of things. Could the series reacquire the level of quality it once had? I think it might, but I’m not putting any money on it. Will the new story drag on as long as it can? Most likely. Will we finally get to see Orihime standing up against Hollows? God, I hope so.

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  1. I would be very much in favor of Orihime getting to do something. I loved her in the early volumes (which were the only ones that I read); I liked her zaniness.

    Also, I guess it’s a changing of the manga guard. I wonder when Naruto and One Piece will follow suit, and what will replace them.

  2. I’m one of those people who thought Bleach should have ended when Aizen was beaten. If that happened, Bleach would’ve been a great series, in my opinion.

    Personally, I’d like to see Rukia do more things, maybe because I’ve imagined her to more powerful than she currently is earlier in the series.

    • That seems to be what most people think.

      Rukia should be around more too. There are quite a few characters who haven’t gotten to do all they could, but I guess that comes with such a stupidly large cast.

  3. Bleach should have ended after Aizen, right her.

    Also, i wasn’t really thinking of a war with the hollows when i first read this, cause didn’t we already do this with the arrancar arc. I mean, where were the arrancar but a bunch of super powered hollows. so in a way, wouldn’t a war with the hollows just be a repeat of the battle with the arrancar, minus the rescue mission (Then again, this first chapter was a rescue mission, so don’t hold your breath on that)

    Oh, and you nailed it. You summed up bleach perfectly. I’ve read the series and i couldn’t have done it better.

    Truthfully, your probably right, its gonna be a war against the hollows that’s gonna go on for about 2 year at the least, but i’m just having a hard time seeing the bigger villain. a new arrancar, another powerful force working in the shadows. either way, i’m too far into this now, i gotta see the ending.

    • It does seem to imply some sort of war, but I’m not sure how that war will play out. I don’t know enough about the series to be able to make a solid guess, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they found a way to bring Aizen back.

  4. I have to agree with Hoshiko. It should have ended when Aizen was defeated. After that Bleach hasn’t been really that good. It never got me excited as I once was. I wish they could continue but they are running out of ideas, so it’s good for them to stop. I wish it was more like Naruto. Where they make make a thousand fillers out of it xD

  5. What Rei and Hoshiko said
    I want to see Hisagi and Kira’s bankai dammit

    • I’ve noticed that most people think that. This is probably why they announced the final arc, because so many people got fed up with everything that came after.

      I’m not sure if those two have Bankai, but it will definitely be something to see if they do.

  6. well same about aizen but lots of gaps like peoples bankais and thing about the spirt king come on am i the only one who wants to know about the 0 sqaud and nel tu and grimjow cause they dont reallty directly show he died.

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