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One Piece – Chapter 652

During the timeskip, Tashigi got addicted to Prince of Tennis.

One of the most promising things about a timeskip is that it gives the characters time to change and grow. We’ve already seen this with the Strawhats, who all gained new designs and abilities, but we haven’t seen that many of the minor characters in the story yet. Of course we’ve seen some, but considering just how many characters this series has, there’s still a lot of ground to explore. That’s why I was happy to see the return of Smoker and Tashigi this chapter and why I’m looking forward to the possible meeting with the main characters they’re implying. Read the rest of this entry

Billy Bat – Chapter 70

Einstein would successfully prove time travel exists when he makes a signature out to Steve Jobs.

It’s an interesting sight seeing someone like Albert Einstein in a fictional series. I’ve seen lots of different works use real people as part of the setting, most recently The Prestige where Edison hires thugs to burn down Nikola Tesla’s house. The way these people are portrayed can vary quite a bit, and many of these portrayals can be seen with the various personalities in Billy Bat. Read the rest of this entry

Soul Eater – Chapter 93

Soul Eater 93

"Why did you think a big balloon would stop him?" "Shut up! That's why!"

I think I mentioned this on Twitter, but seriously, whose idea was it to bring Stein this close to the largest source of concentrated madness in existence? That’s just a natural disaster waiting to happen.

I’m very concerned for what’s been happening with Stein lately. He’s always seemed like a ticking time bomb, and it looks like that’s about to go off any moment now, assuming it hasn’t already. What I’m really concerned about, though, is not so much the effect it will have on the other characters so much as what it will mean for the current large battle. Right now we have half the main cast fighting the Kishin’s soldiers, one or two of the high-ranking clowns and Justin Law, and we haven’t even reached the Kishin itself yet. Where does an out of control Stein fit into all this? Read the rest of this entry