Liar Game – Chapter 145


There’s a consistent pattern most rounds in Liar Game follow. There’s the set-up, the pre-game, and multiple levels of back and forth scheming before the big reveal at the end. If most of that doesn’t sound too formulaic, that’s because it really isn’t. It’s the sort of formula that allows for quite a bit of room to play around, which I think is the best kind of formula a series can have. However, there’s one thing that has been consistent in almost every round of this game, and it’s really starting to get kind of annoying. Every round starts off with Nao being made a fool of by the enemy.

Several of the new chapters have pointed out that Nao has gotten a lot more intelligent since the beginning of the game. Honestly, just the fact that she’s capable of seeing her old self as dumb means she’s gotten smarter, since I doubt the early Nao would have thought like that. Despite this, the mock game in the last few chapters has been setting up that she was about to be played with again. Even she seemed to be aware of this, even if she couldn’t tell exactly what Team Harimoto was up to. During the first part of this chapter, I actually thought that the formula would be mixed up a little and Saeki would be the one who got screwed instead of Nao. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

I’m not sure what the consistent pattern of having people fool Nao accomplishes. Normally in this situation, having someone beat another person can show how much of a threat the first person currently is. However, that only works when the person being beaten is intelligent themselves. There’s actually a strange trend with her intelligence in that the only time she comes off as being able to plan or think on a normal level is toward the end of any given game. She always starts off having no clear idea what she’s doing even on those rare occasions when she isn’t being tricked. I guess the idea is to show that she’s still an ordinary person even if she isn’t as dumb as before, but no ordinary person would be able to do what Nao does for the reasons she does, so it still feels hard to find the goal here.

It’s obvious where the next chapters are going to go from here. Even while the other characters have their doubts about how valid Shortbob’s statement is, they’ll still be reluctant to listen to anything Nao comes up with. At least I hope they have their doubts. If there’s one thing that bothers me more than idiocy, it’s being a complete oblivious asshole. Of course Akiyama will find a way to overcome the plan of Team Harimoto, and is most likely planning it right now. It’s actually a little odd how far a lot of people will go to make Nao look bad, since for someone like her it shouldn’t take as much effort as it does.

Well personal opinions aside, Harimoto has finally made his opening move. It will be interesting to see how Akiyama will react to this and what sort of counter measures he’s come up with. The actual game may not have begun yet, but I think the real match officially started in this chapter.

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  1. You summed up everything i wanted to say about last week’s Liar Game perfectly. Damn you and your ability to read through and improve your writing as you go lol.

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