Just A Quick Update

Well, exams are finally finished. I’ve got a small amount of work to do for one class still, but otherwise I’ve started to get back on track. Manga updates should resume whenever interesting chapters start being released. Not sure when exactly that will be, but I know for certain that I’ll have a post for next week’s Liar Game, since it’s about something I thought would happen in the current chapter.

There’s also something I decided I would do since partway through exams. I wasn’t able to get my 12 Days of Anime/Manga up due to my busy schedule, but I still wanted to do something for the end of the year. That’s why I’m announcing two posts that will hopefully be out before the 31st. First is my Current Manga Ranking, which is the list of all the series I’m caught up ranked from least favourite to most favourite. All THIRTY of them! Yes, I was surprised by the number too. This also has the good side effect that I can talk about manga I haven’t been able to in the past.

Second, I wanted to eventually talk about the anime that came out this year, since I’m also a big anime fan. The problem is that not only have others been more expressive about them than me, but I’ve ended up missing a lot of the big names from this year. I do intend to watch Mirai Nikki, Mawaru Penguindrum, Usagi Drop and maaaaaybe Steins Gate. Of course this makes any top 10 list difficult, but I had another idea: the 2011 Anime Awards, where I only-slighly-seriously give out awards to the shows I watched this year and discuss how I felt about them. For example, I’ve got awards for “Best Assets”, “Best Use of Engrish” and “Best Show I Totally Forgot I Watched”. I don’t talk about anime a lot here, but I’d still like to get my word out there.

Glad to be finished finals, and I’m hoping I can go back to my schedule as soon as I can. Not that I really had a schedule before, but at least I still got posts out.

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  1. NO!!! We already had an Anime Awards! Don’t…do it!!!!^^

    But I bet you’re glad exams are finished for now huh?

    • Don’t worry, I highly doubt my awards will be the same as those of anyone else. Or as well thought out. It’s all just for fun, really.

      Yes, for now I think I’ve earned a rest from this endless trial.

  2. You really did miss the big hitters of the year. As for me, I missed Steins;Gate and Im@s. Those two are something that I wish I picked up. Anyway, I look forward to your two big posts especially the latter. Your categories are quite unique and sound fun.

    • Well I had my reasons, although for Penguindrum I’ve kinda forgotten what they were. Steins;Gate in particular was always something of an enigma. I heard all sorts of bad things about the previous series, and to this day I have no real idea what the series is actually like. I just got a strong feeling that it would go grim-dark, so I didn’t watch.

  3. I haven’t watched Usagi Drop (I did read the manga, though) or Steins;Gate, so you’re not alone there as well! And I’m also looking forward to your two posts. ^_^

    • Yeah, it happens sometimes. There’s also Fate/Zero and Tiger and Bunny, which I simply don’t want to watch. I did watch a lot this year, though, so that post should be a good one.

  4. Funny thing about Steins Gate. It has a spot on Walt’s Manga Update, It just never updates, like, ever. Kinda makes me interested to see the anime to see if they’re going the FMA route with the anime (Making an anime with an alternate storyline) or if the episodes are stretched out manga chapters.

    I’m really interested in seeing your listings. I just love looking at other peoples listings and seeing how they would stack up with my own opinion. I’d also like to see what other series you read aside from those you’ve already talked about.

    You know, it was only yesterday that i found a manga that i was interested enough to watch, and that was Nichijou, so i wouldn’t know a thing about anime except from what i hear from other, more well informed fans, so looking forward to it.

    Anyway, congratulations on completing your exams. Looking forward to new posts =).

    • Again, I’m still on the fence about Steins;Gate. I should probably read up on it more, and even then I won’t watch it till after the other three.

      Just so you know, I did watch Nichijou, so there will be at least one familiar face on that list.

  5. Oh, interesting! I’m looking forward to these posts then! They’re nice idea and I’m curious on how you’ll implement them! 🙂

    • Yes, I’m still getting started on them, but I have some good stuff I want to say. Out of all the shows from this year, I only really discusses one, and it wasn’t exactly flattering. There’s a few other shows I won’t exactly be nice to, but otherwise most of my thoughts are pretty positive.

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