One Piece – Chapter 648-650

One Piece 648

When a One Piece character needs blood, you know they're in trouble.

So I guess this is the end to the Fishman Island arc. In many ways, it really wasn’t what I expected. Something I heard from quite a few people is that this was never supposed to be a big game-changing storyline like the last few have been. The thing it reminded me of most was actually the Drum Island arc where Chopper was introduced. There was a good deal of tension and an interesting backstory, but the actual enemies weren’t all that impressive. I think Luffy had more difficulty with the weather than the actual fight against Wapol, which is kind of like how Hody was only challenging because of the water. In both cases, I think the main purpose of the arc was buildup for what’s to come. Plus the Drum Island arc was meant to introduce a new member of the crew, and the Fishman Island arc…

Yeah, I’m still not entirely sure whether Jinbei is supposed to join the crew or not. I was hoping he would, since he’s interesting and seems to get along well with the other crewmates, and because I actually haven’t really seen a crew member join as I’ve been reading. What I’ve found interesting, though, is that everyone I spoke to about this chapter seems to have already accepted that Jinbei will join at some point in the future, if not right away. I know that he’s going to still be their ally later on, but it’s a bit more difficult for me to accept that his joining is a sure thing, especially since I don’t think the crew will have too many more new additions in the future.

There’s an interesting post I read a while back regarding the current crew. According to something Oda may have said, the Straw Hats are supposed to be written not only as a family, but as specific members of a family. The main six are the siblings, Robin and Franky are the mom and dad, and Brooke is the perverted grandfather. As soon as I read that, I immediately thought the next crew member to join would have to represent the grandmother of the family. This was back during the Marineford arc, and since Old Lady Whats-Her-Name from the World Government wasn’t likely to join, I thought it would be Perona. Naturally, this was not to be. When I think of all that with respect to the current cast, I suppose I could see Jinbei acting as the uncle of this family. Actually, I see him as the father and Franky as the uncle, but who knows what Oda’s family was like growing up.

I’m not sure what other business Jinbei has to deal with, but these next few chapters look like they’ll be dealing more with the bigger picture. For all we know, dealing with his current affairs could actually be easier if he teams up with the Straw Hats. Whatever the case, I know this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of him, and I’m looking forward to where everyone’s stories take them next.

Yeah, getting this one in rather late, but finals are like that. I likely won’t have another post ready until after the 20th, but I may already have a few post ideas prepared for when that happens. See you guys then.

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  1. When Luffy invited Jinbei, I really hoped he would join. He would’ve been a great addition to the crew because of his agility in water. And that’s something Straw Hat doesn’t have yet.

    This arc is mainly to show how much Straw Hats have improved over the two years I think. Too bad we don’t see a lot of actions coming from the girls.

    • We saw something from Robin at one point, but I guess that was it. I’d still like to assume they’ll be getting some action in the near future.

      I do think Jinbei would be a good addition, since he’s so different from the others, yet gets along with them really well.

  2. To be fair, one could probably say Jinbei is a strawhat member in the same way as Hachi and Keime are, with more story behind him. Truth be told, i know the Strawhat’s are going to have at least one more crew member, what with luffy originally wanting 10 members, and he only has 9 now. Whether Jinbei will be that 10th member, even if it will end at 10, i can’t say. Hell, with Oda’s conviction to never kill off a character, i wouldn’t be surprised if Bon Clay showed up and finally became an official member… actually, i’d be really happy, i love Bon Clay, he’s awesome.

    Also, i’ve mentioned alot already on this arc, but i gotta say, i love how Hordi’s crew turned out because of the drug. A fitting end to their miserable story.

    • Considering the two year time skip, I suppose just about anyone could end up joining. I even read a theory that Aokiji would join, though I personally doubt it.

      You know, you hear a lot about shonen powerups reducing your lifespan, but I’ve never seen it turn out quite like this before.

      • NO! Aokiji is not a strawhat pirate. He is the greatest bounty hunter the new world has ever seen… at least thats what i think will happen lol.

  3. Looking forward to your new posts around the 20th! Keep it up with exams! 😛

  4. I love reading about peoples theories about who could join the strawhat crew but i’d never read anything about Jinbe possibly joining so it came as a huge surprise when Luffy asked him to join.

    Perona was one of my favorite choices for joining but it just never happened. I have a feeling she will show up in later arcs at some point in a similar fashion to how Koby from the first episode keeps coming back.

    Good luck with finals.

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