Winter Status Update

I’ve heard a few people talking about what they’ll be doing for the next few weeks. Some people are working on the 12 Days of Christmas posts, which does sound interesting. Some of us, however, have a little too much on our plates at the moment with exams and things. Sadly, the next few weeks are not going to be easy ones for me, as I’ve got not only exams, but the last few assignments for my classes, and then I literally have to fly out two hours after my last test. Not a lot of breathing room in there.

So I wanted to officially state right now that most of my larger blog posts are going to be on hold for the time being. I was working on two specifically – a first impression of Nisekoi and an entry about getting started with manga – and I’ve decided to save these until after my exams are over. The last day of exams are the 19th, so I should get back to work on them soon after that. The regular blog posts are also going to slow down. This doesn’t mean they’ll stop completely, as I should have a post about the latest One Piece chapter in a day or two, but other than that I’ll only post something if it’s part of some major event of the series, or something that is not likely to come up again. The obvious exception is the time directly before the exams, where I’ll be lucky to get anything done here at all.

I also wanted to talk about the video reviews a bit. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted one in a while. Well that’s mainly because my English work has gotten in the way of writing them. Doing personal writing projects when you have more important ones to do is always an uncomfortable process. I wanted to get at least one video out before exams, but that isn’t very likely at the moment. With any luck, I’ll at least be able to write and record the Chobits review in the next few days so I can do the editing over Christmas Break. If not, there’s a good chance I won’t get to do any recording until the 10th of January, since for personal reasons, the place I’ll be going during break will be hard to record at.

However, there is a silver lining to all of that: while I’m on break, I should still have the ability to write. This means I’ll be able to post updates after exams are done, but there’s another idea I had. Usually the process of doing reviews is that I work on the script, recording and editing of a single video at a time. But while I’m away from my microphone, there’s nothing stopping me from making the scripts for a large number of different reviews at once. So when I get back, there’s a greater possibility that I’ll get the videos out on time. The script writing was always the most difficult part for me, so practice could be just what I need to help get things done faster. In case I end up going with this idea, I’ll give you a short list of manga I’d like to review, so you can help decide what should get priority:

  • The World God Only Knows
  • Rosario + Vampire
  • Liar Game
  • Fairy Tail
  • Gamaran
  • Soul Eater
  • Toriko
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl
  • Angel Beats: Heavens Door
  • Invasion! Squid Girl

Also, I didn’t get a whole lot of feedback on it last time, but if I get stressed out during my studying, I may decide to relieve it by gathering and captioning some funny scenes I find in the manga I read. So look forward to that.

Aside from all that, I don’t have much to say. it’s going to be a lot quieter here while exams are going on, but I suppose it’s like that in most places. I just wanted to once again thank you guys for reading. I think this blog is still helpful not only in helping me express myself, but because the grades on my last two essays were surprisingly high. There may not be a correlation, but who knows. Maybe rambling about manga can pay off after all.

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  1. Well, from my side I would like to know how good Rosario + Vampire and Angel Beats: Heavens Door are. 😛
    For the rest good luck with your exams. 😀

  2. Oh, its so good to see Nisekoi getting some attention =).

    Also, i’m very interested to see what you have to say about about getting started in manga. Personally, i’d tell them to read Gantz. If they can’t stand up to that level of WTF, then they aren’t allowed to read Lone Wolf and Cub.

    Nice review list. your so lucky, being able to take what your reviewing where ever you need to. I review movies and video games, so if i can’t find time to sit down and watch the movie or play the game, then my reviews are on hiatus until i can get my time back lol.

    Good luck on your exams, and can’t wait for the new reviews.

    • The funny thing is I never read Double Arts, but I did read the Nisekoi one-shot a while ago. So this is my first time reading a full series by Naoshi Komi.

      Trust me, though, when I say I’m not the person to talk to about a series like Gantz. there are limits to how dark a series I watch can be. Also, for the most part I’m gonna try to start with shorter recommendations.

      • In that case, may i recommend Genkaku Picasso for your Reader’s Guide. In case you haven’t read it, its a 19 chapter series about an artist called Picasso by his peers. Him and his friend Chiaki are killed in a helicopter crash, but Picasso is brought back by Chiaki’s wish that he lives. Now he has to help people all though his school to keep himself from Rotting away into nothing. He helps people by drawing pictures of the insides of their hearts and diving into their hearts using these pictures with his friend Chiaki, who is now more a little angel than a person. its a very fun series with many dark twists and turns, but an overall happy feel. I think this would be a great series for first time readers, not too long, but long enough that they get the idea that manga can be a time consuming endeavor, but a satisfying and enjoyable one at that, because trust me, in the time it takes to read one chapter of Genkaku Picasso, you could read 5 volumes of One Piece, its that wordy.

  3. That’s a pretty long list. For me, I like to hear what you have to say about Fairy Tail and perhaps Toriko. I have never read Toriko so it’ll be nice to know what sort of things in it and stuff.

    Good luck in your exams, Yerocha!

    • I basically wrote down any series I may consider reviewing soon. It’ll take me a while to actually review them all. I do have quite a bit I’d like to say about those series, though it’s probably for the best that I don’t review Fairy Tail right now. Last chapter annoyed me quite a bit.

      And thanks, I hope they go well too.

  4. I’d love to hear about Toriko from you.
    I only watch the anime. Not sure if I should get started with the manga. Just like what I did to Naruto and Bleach.

    Oh and good luck for your exams. 😀

    • I’ve heard there are some differences between the manga and anime, like censorship and that one girl with the pink outfit, but mostly I hear they’re pretty similar. I should get a lot more into it when I review it.

  5. Hey Yerocha, i just finished my exams, and i wanted to wish you the best of luck on any exam you had left ( if you started that is, otherwise, just good luck.)

    I never thought anything could derail my entire social life quite like Studying for exams did lol… i wouldn’t be laughing if i said this 4 days ago…

  6. FInished my hellish exams two days ago and glad for it. Wish you luck. Looking forward to what you have to say about Soul Eater and Toriko.

    • After getting some of my older marks back, I’m a little more confident, but it will still be an annoying time until everything is over and done with. Thanks for the support.

      I actually have something planned for Toriko, though I’m not sure if I’ll go through with it yet. Just know that I do have ideas.

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